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Daniel Ricciardo Launches $130 Enchante Cafe Collection Which ‘Takes Him Back to His Childhood’

Mahim Suhalka

Daniel Ricciardo Launches $122 Enchante Cafe Collection Which ‘Takes Him Back to His Childhood'

Ahead of the Monaco GP, Daniel Ricciardo added to his growing collection of clothing on Enchante. Ricciardo’s brand which encapsulates a cool tropical vibe diversified and added a culinary twist to their latest collection. The Australian teased the collection via the official Instagram page. However, in doing so, he also confused his entire fanbase.

The new line is marketed as the cafe collection on Instagram. The page posted a video of Ricciardo entering a cafe and then arranging the chairs before calling the waiter. He then says, “I’m excited to try these new dishes.” before being served a big plate of mushrooms.

He adds, “Oh, a beautiful champignon. Takes me back to my childhood and I tried mushrooms.” Ricciardo also tries a spaghetti before giving the waiter some tips continuing the banter and ending the video with some dessert.

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The entire promotional video suggests the F1 star has launched a cafe under his brand’s umbrella. Even if that’s not the case, the Australian has surely launched a lot of new merchandise. The new merch has a culinary twist with an entire range of Champignon products.

The ‘World Champignon’ range starts from socks worth $22 and goes up to $130 for hoodies. The collection also features shorts and T-shirts worth $75 and $55 respectively.

The cafe range has more variety with sweatpants and sweaters which he is spotted wearing in the promotional video. There are sweaters and hoodies called Chef’s Kiss, Cherries, Adoro, and the aforementioned Champignon. The products are in the range of $55 to $130 on the higher end.

Every product in the cafe range has food-related wordplay and design. With there still being confusion about the cafe, this won’t be the first time the 34-year-old will be entering the food and beverage space.

Daniel Ricciardo launches a wine collection in collaboration with St. Hugo

Even if the Enchante cafe was a marketing gimmick, the eight-time Grand Prix winner was already a part of the F&B industry. The Australian is a wine enthusiast. He took his interests one step further when he launched a special collection with Australia’s most revered wine brand, St Hugo. The collaboration has tasted a lot of success and he even launched a customized ‘Ricciardo Decanter’ in the second year.

The Ricciardo Decanter was especially popular as it was in the shape of a shoe. To be specific, it was in the shape of an F1 shoe. It was inspired by Ricciardo’s popular podium celebration ritual the Shoey.

The partnership that started in 2021 generated a lot of media attention. He curated the DR3 wines in collaboration with St Hugo’s Chief Winemaker, Peter Munro.

The Australian launched two wines which include a 2018 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and the DR3 x St Hugo 2020 South Australia Shiraz. Both limited edition bottles retiled at $80 which came in premium casings. So, even if one can’t eat at the Enchante cafe, there is still a carefully crafted wine made by the F1 star up for grabs.

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