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David Coulthard Responds to S*x Before Race Allegation: “What Kind of Room Service Was That?”

Anirban Aly Mandal

David Coulthard Responds to S*x Before Race Allegation: “What Kind of Room Service Was That?”

On the most recent episode of the Formula for Success podcast, Eddie Jordan hilariously confronted his co-host, David Coulthard, about some comments the former British driver apparently made back during his racing days. Coulthard had reportedly claimed that having s*x before Grands Prix made him drive faster!

With that in mind, Jordan ended his question with, “I’m wondering, what kind of room service was that?” In reply, Coulthard said, “It was obviously just a bit of B*!” The 53-year-old then went on to confess that it was probably something he said to stir up the media.

The former Red Bull driver may have just said those words in jest. However, what he was theorizing has been debated for a long, long time between athletes. The benefits of engaging in a physically exhilarating intimate activity has been an age-old debate in the domain of sports.

While no scientific studies as such have emerged about this topic in the Formula 1 paddock yet, the sport of soccer is one arena of high-performance athletics where the coaches are divided on whether or not to allow their players to engage in sexual activities before matches.

Does s*x help athletes perform better?

In the field of professional soccer, this debate was first raged during the iconic 2018 FIFA World Cup. Germany’s coach Joachim Lowe seemingly is not a proponent of the idea of allowing his players to get intimate with their partners before a game, as reported by The Courier.

On the other side of the spectrum was ex-Barcelona and Spain coach Luis Enrique. Enrique, who himself played as a professional soccer player for Barcelona, was quoted as saying, “I think it’s normal. It’s not ideal.”

There is a particular school of thought that has tried to supplement their argument by saying that sexual activity can actually aid aerobic performance of the body. But that claim was debunked in 1995. According to OrthoSports, “A 1995 study suggested that s*x 12 hours prior to testing had no affect on aerobic power and recovery from exercise.”

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Anirban Aly Mandal

Anirban Aly Mandal


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