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Dirty Feet Made ‘Disgusted’ Max Verstappen Appreciate New Red Bull Situation

Mahim Suhalka

Dirty Feet Made Disgusted Max Verstappen Appreciate New Red Bull Situation

Monaco Grand Prix has an age-old tradition of dipping in the French Riviera after winning the prestigious race. However, since its inception, Red Bull made the popular event a little private for its contingent. The Austrian team added a pool to their motorhome for the ceremonial dip. However, Max Verstappen isn’t a fan of this tradition for one reason.

As seen on X, posted by user @SCUDERIAFEMBOY, he explained, “The year before, people were putting their feet in. I remember a guy who took his socks off, and sometimes you have new socks, and the new stuff sticks around your feet. He just put his feet in while fluffs are still around. So the fluffs went into the water. I’m like, ‘I’m not jumping into the pool anymore.”

In the previous campaign, Red Bull wasn’t allowed to fill up their pool because of water shortage. Instead, the Milton-Keynes-based team filled their pool with plastic balls. The reigning world champion really appreciated this change because of his experiences from the past.

The Red Bull motorhome pool has given the F1 world some iconic moments, like Daniel Ricciardo’s face-first dive, Perez’s front flip with the Mexican flag on his back, the hilarious Hook a Duck challenge for Verstappen and Perez, and many more. However, his disgust stemming from the actions of one is keeping the reigning champion from partaking in the tradition.

Max Verstappen and Co. generously offer their private pool to Ferrari

After winning his first-ever home race, an ecstatic Charles Leclerc and the entire team were excited to celebrate. The Italian outfit took the celebrations away from the podium and near the river. In a viral clip, the Monegasque pushed Frederic Vasseur into the water before jumping in.

The Ferrari men had to make do with the marina as they did not have the luxury of a pool like their Red Bull. However, the Austrian team’s social media wing extended an arm of friendship by offering their private pool. As quoted by GP Blog, on Ferrari’s post, Red Bull commented, “You could have borrowed our pool too, guys.”

Perhaps next time? However, if both teams up the ante and get into an intense championship battle until the end, they might not be as cordial. Regardless, the quick banter flew under the radar, but hopefully, there will be more instances in the future.

Post Edited By:Samriddhi Jaiswal

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