Fernando Alonso Makes Roaring Promise to Fan to Finish What Max Verstappen Couldn’t at Saudi Arabian GP

Shreya Sanjeev
|Published March 17, 2023

While Max Verstappen is already the championship favorite for the 2023 season. However, fans and the people of the paddock have their eyes on just one man- Fernando Alonso. The new Aston Martin recruit has jaws dropping after two stunning weekends in Bahrain. And now, the Spanish Lion is hungry for more.

In a fan video that surfaced on the internet, Alonso is asked a simple question about his career stats- and yet, his nonchalant answer is resounding enough to mirror the tenacity running in the double champion’s veins.

Fernando Alonso answers fan’s questions with a warning to the F1 grid

While signing merchandise, a fan asked Alonso, “what is the fastest lap you have [done]?” The F1 legend, without wasting a second, confidently states, “The fastest lap? I think here, tomorrow.”

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When one thinks of Jeddah, it’s hard not to remember Verstappen’s blistering qualifying lap in 2021. In what could have been the “lap of the year”, the Red Bull pace left Mercedes shaking in their boots.

Even Alonso himself was left wide-eyed and was glued to the screen as Verstappen seemingly flew around the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. However, even Alonso winced when, in the final corner of the final lap of qualifying, Verstappen’s glorious run came to a crashing stop.

Now, Alonso is up to challenge it. Ready to give it his all on the high-speed track that Jeddah provides, the game is on to make history. Although, with the Red Bull proving to be a monster on the track this season, will the underdog stand a chance against the dominant beasts?

Max Verstappen and the lap that could have been

The dramatic scene in what was a dramatic season- was certainly one to witness. Verstappen was pushing the machinery beneath him to its absolute limit- a light to behold as the singular car zoomed through the corners effortlessly. And suddenly, in the last corner, the limit was crossed as Verstappen touched the barrier and had to bring his car to a halt.

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As the disappointed driver got out of his car and walked back with his head hung in shame, the screens in front of him displayed his father screaming in frustration back at the garage. A few meters ahead, Lewis Hamilton breathed a sigh of relief as Bono radioed in that the universe had been in their favor that night.

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Having nailed 26 out of 27 corners, Verstappen will remember that final one. “It’s extremely disappointing. I thought in the last corner there was still a bit to gain.” Even Christian Horner rightfully summarized, “It’s a great shame. It was a mighty, mighty lap. We’re on the back foot here and he was pulling something very special out the bag.”

Now, Red Bull isn’t on the back foot. Despite the unique features of the track, the stunning performance of the Bulls shouldn’t be too different from what was at Bahrain. That being said, it won’t go unchallenged. Another champion is on the prowl for his third, and the battle won’t be easy for Verstappen.

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