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How Valtteri Bottas’ Coffee Machine Allegedly Almost Ruined Max Verstappen’s Sim Race Weekend

Anirban Aly Mandal

How Valtteri Bottas’ Coffee Machine Allegedly Almost Ruined Max Verstappen’s Sim Race Weekend

Max Verstappen proved once again that he is after all a winning machine. The Dutchman is now probably the only driver to win two races during the same weekend. First, he won the 2024 Emilia Romagna GP from Lando Norris. He then went on to win iRacing’s 24 Hours of Nürburgring for his sim-racing team, Team Redline, on the same day! But his victorious afternoon was threatened to be ruined, owing to Valtteri Bottas’ love for coffee.

As Team Redline explained on their Instagram account, they installed Verstappen’s sim-rig for the weekend in his motorhome. However, a sudden power cut happened. This sent the cat amongst the pigeons for the #1 driver’s team who had to scout out an APC urgently. As revealed later, the power cut was actually because of Bottas‘ coffee machine.


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It was a herculean task by Verstappen and his sim-racing team to pull off his appearance on the same weekend as a Grand Prix. But, some paddock friends made it possible. The three-time world champion’s bespoke sim rig was supposed to be shipped by an F2 team – MP Motorsport.

However, the dimensions of the rig meant that it was not possible through their trailer. But, MP Motorsport hustled alongside Team Redline to ensure that Verstappen’s gear was at Imola.

In the end, a lucky bumping into a ‘flower guy’ who needed to be there in Imola on business meant the 26-year-old’s rig was in his motorhome in time for him to jump in for his stints.

Bottas, on the other hand, unwittingly could’ve rained on the Dutchman’s parade. The Team Redline video revealed that a certain driver’s “shortcut” on his coffee machine led to the power cut. It was later reported that the driver in question was Bottas as per a Dutch podcast – Telegraaf Formule 1.

Max Verstappen conquered Imola and Nürburgring in one weekend

Verstappen caught all the headlines when the news broke that he would be taking part in the virtual 24 Hours of Nurburgring on the same weekend that the 2024 Emilia Romagna GP was happening. However, in the end, the Dutchman prevailed as he won both races.

The Dutchman joined Team Redline for his stint in the sim race after grabbing pole for Sunday’s Grand Prix. He helped extend their lead during his stint and then promptly prepared for the Grand Prix. Just before the start of the race at Imola, his team crossed the chequered flag in first position.

Verstappen then went on to register the second race win of the day. The McLaren of Lando Norris hounded him during the last ten laps. Still, the Dutchman was just able to edge out and grab his 59th career Grand Prix win – by just 0.7 seconds.

After the conclusion of the weekend, his Team Redline boss even joked that he had “allowed” Verstappen to participate in the F1 Grand Prix as the team always allowed their drivers to follow their “hobbies.”

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