“I think he’s too good for that” – Ross Brawn speculates Pierre Gasly won’t be racing at AlphaTauri for long

Subham Jindal
|Published 08/09/2021

“I think he’s too good for that” – F1’s managing director Ross Brawn confesses his fandom for Pierre Gasly and believes he will make a big team move soon.

Pierre Gasly’s career before AlphaTauri is highlighted with his struggles in the Red Bull works team. But since getting ‘demoted’, the Frenchman has been an absolute star for AlphaTauri, performing super consistently and emerging as the de-facto team leader.

Pierre Gasly has impressed Ross Brawn, big time!

No wonder, everyone is a fan, including the sport’s MD Ross Brawn. He is glad Gasly has found his feet and is emerging as an A-rated driver.

Brawn also feels he deserves to drive for a big team again after he eventually leaves AlphaTauri. Renault was rumoured to hire their compatriot but chose to retain Esteban Ocon instead. A move to McLaren or Aston Martin looks on the cards after 2022 for the Frenchman, though, if he keeps his consistency.

Brawn: Pierre is acquiring a growing fan club in F1 and I would count myself as a member.

“For him to come back from such a difficult blow after being dropped by Red Bull from their works team and return to win his first race and perform as consistently and strongly as he does with a car which won’t be as good as the works team is fantastic. It is a real credit to him that he’s stayed committed.

“Something will happen for him in the future. He won’t be able to stay in the family if an opportunity to return to the Red Bull works team isn’t coming.

“I think he’s too good for that. I think an opportunity will come at some stage. He’s doing a brilliant job.”

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