“It’s really amazing what’s there now” – Track designer Tilke gives huge update on the progress of the Jeddah Street Circuit

Subham Jindal
|Published November 27, 2021

“It’s really amazing what’s there now” – Track designer Carsten Tilke excited about the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, set to be held on the fastest street circuit.

The F1 universe is waiting with bated breath for positive news on the progress of the Jeddah Street Circuit, set to host the first-ever Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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The track’s designer Carsten Tilke, son of the legendary Hermann, has brought us just that. Along with that, he has spoken about how stupendous this project is for F1 and his excitement for it.

Yes, it’s of course very close, a very tight project timeline, but the track will be ready.

“It was really one of our most ambitious projects with the most time pressure to really make this happen in eight months, but in the end it’s really amazing what’s there now and everyone is excited for the next race.

“What will be interesting is there are three possible DRS zones directly behind each other. So it’s three DRS zones and every time different corners after that, which can be really interesting.

“It’s not just straights, it’s a DRS zone but you have to be really concentrating because there are walls directly next to it – you have to steer.

“What I think is very interesting is the passage from T4 to T10. It’s a very fast, flowing S combination. This will also be challenging for the drivers to find the right lines, and T13 is also a cool 12% banked corner so there are a lot of different elements.

“It could go either way. On the one hand, it’s very fast, so the engine is important, but on the other hand, it’s a lot of corners. This is also important, so to be honest I’m not sure, we will see.

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