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Kym Illman Reveals $2.4 Million Worth Williams Motorhome Is More Than a Decade Old

Mahim Suhalka

Kym Illman Reveals $2.4 Million Worth Williams Motorhome Is More Than a Decade Old

A motor home, as the name suggests, is a temporary home for every racing team as they travel across the globe. The teams use the solid structure for comfort, ease, and continuity during their travels around Europe. The remote homes host the drivers, the team boss, and the crew with a wide variety of hospitality features. However, a team’s financial condition plays a direct role in their motor homes. Kym Illman highlighted that by comparing Williams’ current home with Aston Martin’s.

In one of his YouTube videos, Illman revealed, “Behind me is Williams’ motor home. It pops up at all the European races. What’s it worth? Well, I was told yesterday it’s about 11 years old and they paid 1.9 million pounds [$2.4 million] for it.”

However, Williams’ more than decade-long structure got a facelift in 2022 ahead of the European races. The team collaborated with award-winning interior designer, Russell Sage for the complete refurbishment. The current motorhome that houses the Grove-based outfit’s personnel is top-of-the-line now.

However, it still does not compare to Aston Martin’s $6.3 million motorhome. The Silverstone-based outfit’s motor home has a full-scale kitchen which is right next to a mess where the entire team eats. It also features a bar on the same floor.

The second floor of the motorhome is more private with the drivers’ rooms. Last, but not least, is the top floor which hosts all the guests and is the most beautifully crafted space in the entire moveable building.

A closer look at the decade-old Williams motorhome

After the refurbishment, the Williams motor home has a premium grey exterior. Whereas, the base floor interior is based on the concept of light and airy. The base floor is also the welcome area which has divider walls and also features the bar and bistro.

The second floor’s theme is a contrast to the ground floor and has mood lighting which is achieved by darker colors all around. It is designed to give a premium dining experience and is where most of the team members are present.

The floor also features an eSports room from 2022 which has two simulators side by side free to use for guests and drivers. Moving on to the top floor, the idea was to create a refreshing and relaxing area with plenty of fresh air.

So, the top floor features an enclosed and an open area. The top floor is mainly for the team’s guests which is also why it features a bar and some entertainment. The revamped version of the decade-old motor home now also has screens all around in order to catch all the racing action live.

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