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Lando Norris Spotted Taking His Latest Detox Very Seriously With Eyes on F1 Win

Somin Bhattacharjee

Lando Norris Spotted Taking His Latest Detox Very Seriously With Eyes on F1 Win

Lando Norris, one of F1’s most promising talents, is desperate for a race win. He has given his best and came agonizingly close on a few occasions, but that top step of the podium still eludes him. To achieve the same, he is ready to sacrifice several things, including saying no to his good friend, Dutch DJ Martin Garrix.

Norris loved DJing, but after a poor start to the 2023 season, gave up on that aspect of his life to focus on getting race wins. As things stand, this detox is going really well for the McLaren driver. Earlier this week, videos of Norris and Garrix at Sass Cafe in Monaco went viral.

Garrix unsurprisingly took the role of the DJ. All the time he kept asking Norris to join in, to which the Bristol-born driver kept saying no. Some fans on X even pointed out that Norris’ loud refusals could be heard on top of all the music.

Even though Norris said no to DJing to win races, his fans want a return of ‘DJ Lando’ again. “So close” is what some of them wrote on social media, expressing their disappointment over Norris turning Garrix down.

Giving up DJing not doing wonders for Lando Norris

Giving up on DJing was a difficult choice for Lando Norris, with it being a huge passion of his. While he does keep getting better as a driver, race wins don’t seem to come his way. A lot of this has to do with McLaren’s mechanical package.

The Woking-based outfit is making progress, but they are still a long way behind Red Bull, a team that is dominating F1 at the moment. At the most, Norris and Co. are able to compete for podium results, which are a great achievement, but not on the same level as a race win.

Ahead of the 2024 season, Norris signed a contract extension with McLaren. This new deal will keep him tied to the papaya outfit beyond his previous deal, which was set to expire in 2026.

F1 heads into a new era that year, with major engine overhauls taking place. Norris trusts McLaren as he has reiterated on several occasions, and he wouldn’t have signed an extension if he didn’t believe in their ability to field a race-winning car in the near future.

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