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“Less Afraid” Now, Valtteri Bottas Blames Pressure at Mercedes for Suppressed Personality

Mahim Suhalka

“Less Afraid” Now, Valtteri Bottas Blames Pressure at Mercedes for Suppressed Personality

Soon after leaving Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas transformed into a completely different person. The Finnish driver has assumed an Australian personality and he’s thriving in it. Despite this change being common knowledge now, only recently on the Nailing the Apex podcast, the 10-time Grand Prix winner was asked to comment on it. This is when he revealed how leaving the high-stakes environment of Mercedes played a part.

Bottas explained, “I think it’s a combination of probably a change of atmosphere. Kind of, yeah, got out of some pressure, but then also just experience age, allowing myself to be just myself and not taking myself too seriously”

“Maybe being less afraid of, you know, showing who I am, stuff like that. I don’t know. And yeah, I’m just really comfortable within myself and really happy to make jokes about myself.”, the #77 driver added.

Mercedes is a multinational reputed brand and has a rich history. So, being part of the Brackley outfit, the Finn had to act a certain way and present himself in a certain light. All those restrictions and burdens were lifted when he joined Sauber. Around the same time, he had started dating the Australian pro cyclist Tiffany Cromwell.

The amalgamation of freedom and unconditional support (with perhaps some influence) made him accept his Australian persona. The fans have appreciated and accepted this change with open arms as well. Such positive reception to his antics has blossomed into the Valtteri Bottas of today. As many would say, ‘Never change’.

The persona-defining antics of Valtteri Bottas that the fans adore

The switch in persona can be pin-pointed to his first-ever bare-bottom photo clicked in the backwaters in Austin. The photo became a viral sensation and even ended up raising around $50,000 for charity. Following the incredible reception to the photo, Bottas frequently started showcasing his personality on social media.

He got himself an Aussie-approved haircut, a Mullet. He even made a full nude calendar for charity which raised over $150k. There were some more bare-bottom photos and a clip from the sauna. The 34-year-old was embracing life and then he made the iconic Uber Carshare ad.

Dressed in a striking sky-blue colors onesie, Bottas was part of Australia Uber’s carshare advertisement which will go down in the history books. He put all preconceived notions of how an F1 driver should act or conduct himself and let his personality flourish. The quirky and hilarious commercial is a testament to that. At the risk of sounding redundant, never change Valtteri Bottas.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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