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Lewis Hamilton Is Brewing Something Big in Fashion: “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Lewis Hamilton Is Brewing Something Big in Fashion: "Keep Your Eyes Peeled"

The second annual GQ Global Creativity Awards ceremony recently concluded in New York and several big-name stars attended the show, all decked up for the grand event. Lewis Hamilton was also in attendance, as GQ presented him with an award for being a ‘Transcending Powerhouse in F1.’ There, the 39-year-old dropped a small announcement about his upcoming plans in the world of fashion.

As quoted by GQ, the seven-time world champion said,

“I’m working on some fashion stuff. I can’t say too much just yet, but keep your eyes peeled in the coming months.” 

The GQ Global Creativity Awards aims to celebrate the fearless and inspirational creativity of the world’s leading celebrities. It aims to honor people like Hamilton, who break free from the crutches of their industry and use fashion as a means to express themselves the best they can.

For years, Hamilton has been the leading advocate for fashion in F1, allowing newer drivers to feel comfortable in whatever they wanted to wear. Owing to Hamilton, fashion has become a valuable cultural currency in a world where cars always steal the limelight.


With a massive following across his social media platforms, Hamilton has used his online presence to further his diversity cause. Through the various fashion choices, Hamilton hopes to create a positive impact on humanity. Furthermore, he wants people to feel comfortable expressing themselves through their clothes and fashion choices.

Lewis Hamilton’s collaborations to further his fashion cause

Amid a variety of organizations helmed by Hamilton, the British driver also owns a clothing brand known as ‘+44.’ In November 2023, Hamilton joined forces with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to drop the second collection of the brand. A total of 27 individual pieces took inspiration from the first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Murakami mixed the same with colorful graphics, symbolizing the relationship between fashion and racing. Talking about the collaboration, Hamilton claimed that it was no secret that he was a fan of Murakami’s work. He added, “He’s a legendary artist, and having the opportunity to work with him for a second time is a dream.”

Aside from Murakami, Hamilton also teamed up with Hajime Sorayama ahead of the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix. The duo revealed a special racing helmet alongside an apparel collection for +44. It was the first collaborative collection to launch under the +44 brand, and it featured t-shirts, pants, and accessories carrying the emblem of Sorayama’s robots.

As for the helmet, it once again carried the robot aesthetic that Sorayama is famous for. The visor featured a yellow light-up aesthetic on a silver silhouette with a contrasting gold stripe.

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