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Lewis Hamilton’s Net worth Increases By Almost $150 Million With Appearance on UK Rich List

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Lewis Hamilton's Net worth Increases By Almost $150 Million With Appearance on UK Rich List

Lewis Hamilton has been a transcending entity ever since he stepped into the world of F1. The fame he accumulated, and the fortune he amassed made him one of the wealthiest athletes in the UK. This year, however, his name comes alongside the likes of the Duke of Westminster and Lady Charlotte as he features in the 40 richest under 40 (Britain) list.

With a net worth of $444.6 million, Hamilton is ranked number nine on this latest list. In 2023, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $300 million, which means he had an increase of $150 million.

Most drivers rely on performance-based incentives such as wins and podiums for earning monetary bonuses. Hamilton, however, never relied on them. With a contract worth $55 million a year, the 39-year-old was one of the highest-earning athletes in terms of base pay.

He made another $10 million through his off-track responsibilities, taking the tally up to $65 million.

Now, his salary is set to increase yet again, and by a considerable amount. Due to Mercedes’s underperformance, Hamilton will move to Ferrari, where he is reported to earn $100 a year. Taking this, and his numerous off-track ventures into account, the Briton’s net worth is only set to increase.

Lewis Hamilton boasts an impressive investment portfolio

Hamilton has never shied away from investing in ventures away from F1. He bought stakes in NFL team Denver Broncos in 2022, a team valued at $5 billion by Forbes. Plus, he is also expected to earn big bucks from his upcoming Hollywood film starring Brad Pitt.

The movie, produced by Hamilton, is F1-themed, meaning Hamilton will showcase his love for racing through a motion picture. The unnamed film will be released sometime in 2025, and because of F1’s recent growth, is predicted to be a box-office hit.

Fashion too, is Hamilton’s forte, with huge names (such as Tommy Hilfiger) partnering up with the Stevenage-born driver. Another avenue he has ventured into is the food and beverage industry, as he started his vegan burger chain called Neat Burgers.

Hamilton also founded a non-alcoholic tequila brand called ‘Almave’, from which he earns big profits.

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