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Max Verstappen Has Had Enough With F1: “What Are You Trying to Sell?”

Somin Bhattacharjee

Max Verstappen Has Had Enough With F1: "What Are You Trying to Sell?"

Max Verstappen has never been a fan of the rigorous and long schedule F1 drivers must adhere to today. 24 races in the calendar are too much for the Dutchman, but what ticks him off more is the traveling. In a recent interview, Verstappen questions the sport’s motive behind planning such a calendar.

Verstappen pointed out how drivers have to travel between continents mid-season, with the races still spread worldwide, somewhat unevenly in terms of geography. For this, the 26-year-old has a solution.

“It would make a bit more sense, to start like we did in Asia, maybe have a few back-to-backs. And then Europe and from Europe you move on to the US or whatever.”

F1 has tried geographically clubbing the races, but even now, some of the Grands Prix that are actually close to one another, are scheduled with huge gaps and other outings in between. F1 already traveled to the US once this year (Miami), but there are two more races on the American calendar; Austin (October) and Las Vegas (November).

Between the races in Austin and Las Vegas, F1 travels to Mexico and Brazil, adding to the long traveling. Verstappen acknowledges that selling tickets for two back-to-backs in one country could see a dip in revenue for F1, but he asks them to pick a side.

“At the end of the day, what are you trying to sell? Is it tickets or the sustainability story?”

Currently, in the middle of a doubleheader, the sport will head to North America once more, for just one weekend in the supposed ‘European Leg’ of the 2024 season.

Max Verstappen and Co. to make North American pit-stop

Following the conclusion of the Emilia-Romagna GP in Imola last weekend, F1’s traveling circus heads to Monaco for the first European double-header of the season. For drivers, traveling within the continent is not a very big hassle because of the proximity of its different venues.

However, between the Monaco GP and the upcoming Spanish GP, drivers travel to Montreal (Canada) for the second North American race of the calendar.

Although drivers do get a week off in between these outings, it takes a toll physically. Additionally, the sustainability ‘story’ Verstappen highlighted also comes into light here because F1 could have scheduled the Canadian GP right after Miami earlier this month.

F1, as an organization is trying its best to increase sustainability and its efforts aren’t going unnoticed. But, the scheduling of races is something that still comes into question time and time again.

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