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Mercedes Succumbs to Fan Pressure to Commemorate Lewis Hamilton’s Record Breaking Feat Over Michael Schumacher

Nischay Rathore

Mercedes Succumbs to Fan Pressure to Commemorate Lewis Hamilton’s Record Breaking Feat Over Michael Schumacher

Just like the eight races before it, the Monaco GP was a forgettable one for Mercedes. However, there was one saving grace for the Silver Arrows, and it came through Lewis Hamilton. The Ferrari-bound driver broke yet another record of Michael Schumacher. This time it was for the most number of fastest laps for a single team (54). Schumacher achieved 53 with Ferrari.

Despite it being a team effort, Mercedes did not commemorate the historic feat. The omission came as an unpleasant surprise for Hamilton fans who called the team out on social media. Gradually, the criticism turned into an online protest.

Hamilton broke the record on Sunday, the 26th of May. It wasn’t until his fans lashing out at the team for two days that the Brackley-based outfit finally succumbed to the pressure. On May 28, a Tuesday, Mercedes finally released a graphic on X with the details of the top five drivers. The caption read, “Another record broken.”

Hamilton fans, however, were in no mood to let Mercedes get away with it easily. The comments are filled with responses that take a swipe at them making the post only after the pressure got to them. One fan even suggested it was an attempt to save face.

Another fan sarcastically congratulated them for finally waking up.

Lewis Hamilton announced his 2025 move to Ferrari before the start of the 2024 season. While Toto Wolff maintained it didn’t surprise him, he admitted the timing of the announcement certainly caught him off guard. That may have led to some cracks developing between the driver and his team.

Lewis Hamilton gives up in the fight against George Russell

Once Lewis Hamilton departs, George Russell will become the de facto senior driver at Mercedes. However, it looks like the team is in the mood to fast-track that arrangement even before Hamilton departs.

Mercedes managed to produce only one upgraded front wing at the Monaco GP. With no option but to put it on one car, they picked Russell’s.

The move may have further driven a wedge between Mercedes and Hamilton. Speaking after the race, the 39-year-old responded to his teammate yet again outperforming him. Hamilton admitted the trend might continue over the season.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is making next to no progress while McLaren has solidified itself in the third position. If Lewis Hamilton continues to face cold treatment with no signs of success in sight, relations could further turn sour. That is not what he must be looking forward to before ending an iconic partnership that produced 15 world championships.

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