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“Michael Schumacher was like that”- Mick Schumacher has same work ethics as his father claims F1 team principal

Tanish Chachra

"Michael Schumacher was like that"- Mick Schumacher has same work ethics as his father claims F1 team principal

“Michael Schumacher was like that”- Mick Schumacher holds the same work ethics claims Alpha Tauri’s team principal Franz Tost.

After Mick Schumacher‘s F2 triumph, Formula 1 fans are anticipating several things from Mick Schumacher, and the people working around him are further enhancing the expectations by backing his qualities.

Franz Tost is another person in the list and has said that Mick Schumacher holds the same work ethics as his father and former Toro Rosso (Alpha Tauri presently) driver Sebastian Vettel had.

Talking to, he says: “The driver is the person who gives the engineers the right feedback to make the car faster. Successful drivers always stay with a team longer because of that.”

According to Tost, a team may manage to build a super-fast car, but it is upon the driver to bring the maximum out of it, through his skills and intelligence.

“It provides a system so that at a certain point, they have the car completely to their liking. That’s a quality that very few possess. The driver is always the key to success.”

Tost also believes that the ideal driver must be innovative and disciplined. According to his understanding, the driver’s similar kind must constantly seek what makes him better and take valuable advice. He went onto reveal who holds such qualities.

“Michael Schumacher was like that, Sebastian Vettel too, and I see the same approach incidentally with Mick Schumacher,” he said.

Too much to expect

Formula 1 is a brutally competitive sport, and often second chances are not given. So, it might be unfair to hold too many expectations towards Mick.

It is understood that he is the son of the most renowned race driver in the history of the sport, and such speculations are natural. But, this overhype, on many occasions, became a key factor in the failure of past bright prospects.

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