“My first choice would be Le Mans”- Daniel Ricciardo reveals why this could be his future after McLaren F1 stint

Tanish Chachra
|Published 14/01/2021

“My first choice would be Le Mans”- Daniel Ricciardo opts to participate in Le Mans amidst options given as his future post McLaren stint.

McLaren has finally signed Daniel Ricciardo after years of hustle, but at the same time, soon the Australian race driver would be approaching the twilight of his career.

So, when asked what motorsport completion he will choose among the Indy 500 to Indianapolis, the Le Mans 24 Hours or the Dakar, he had an immediate answer to it.

“My first choice would be Le Mans. Several of my friends have done it and told me it was an incredible experience, really working with his teammates,” the McLaren driver replies as per the Judge13.com.

“With your teammate you work for the team, sharing what can be improved on the car, but we don’t share driving tips. As a driver, you keep it to yourself.

“But at Le Mans, I think you share all your secrets with your team-mates. It would be cool to be open and really work together,” he further added.

And Ricciardo likes one of the other challenges of Le Mans: “Driving without sleeping for 24 hours would also be an opportunity to test my limits, in terms of physics and concentration”.

Daniel Ricciardo- the key McLaren needs

Ricciardo has more than a decade of experience in Formula 1, and his ability over the years of performances cannot be doubted, where he even managed to raise the bar of performances at Renault.

Mclaren, amidst its resurgence, desperately needed a driver like Ricciardo. However, Sainz had his own little experience, but the Australian driver will soon be counted as one of the veterans of the sport.

That’s why Andreas Seidl has his own expectations with Ricciardo, as McLaren’s team principal wants him to know the machine even before he steps onto the grid.

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