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Not a Fan of Formula 1, $40,000,000 Worth Actor Watched Netflix’s Docu-Series to Prepare for Racecar Role

Vidit Dhawan

Not a Fan of Formula 1, $40,000,000 Worth Actor Watched Netflix's Docu-Series to Prepare for Racecar Role

Netflix’s Drive to Survive has been a massive hit as this show has helped Formula 1’s fans increase significantly over the last few years. The F1 show has been so popular that even actors have begun watching it to prepare for their racing roles in movies.

One such actor is Orlando Bloom, who has a net worth of a whopping $40,000,000. Bloom, who is next set to appear in the upcoming Gran Turismo movie, revealed that he prepared for his role in this film after watching Drive to Survive.

Interestingly, the hype surrounding this movie is also more than the hype about F1’s upcoming film featuring Brad Pitt. And that is mostly due to the amazing star cast that Gran Turismo has. Alongside Bloom, the movie will also feature several Hollywood stars, Geri Horner and David Harbour.

Orlando Bloom reveals he enjoys cars but is not an F1 fan

Orlando Bloom, who recently attended the Monaco Grand Prix with David Harbour, revealed in a recent interview that he enjoys cars but that he is not a Formula 1 fan. In the same interview, he explained the impact that Drive to Survive is having among people that are not even F1 fans.

In an interview with Business F1, Bloom said, “I do like cars but I’m not a big F1 fan. But I did watch Drive to Survive in preparation to play my character in Gran Turismo and it is definitely compelling when you start seeing it from that perspective and obviously F1 is having a massive moment because of it“.

Gran Turismo is a movie that shows how a gamer eventually becomes a racing driver. The primary character in this movie is of ex-Nissan WEC and founder Darren Cox, which is played by Bloom.

Even though this film is about race, it has no connection to F1 other than that of Geri Horner. Geri, who is the wife of Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, plays the role of the British racer’s mother, Lesley.

Both Bloom and Harbour stated that they expect the movie to be a huge hit among fans. For example, Harbour said, “People will come out of the theatre feeling that anything is possible“.

Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 movie could be boring in comparison

Even though the upcoming F1 film stars Brad Pitt and is produced by seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, an article from Business F1 seems to explain why it could still be boring to watch in comparison to Gran Turismo. The article states, “The basic premise of the movie is poor“.

The article explains how the concept of an old retired driver (Pitt) returning to mentor a young racer and take him to the top is not intriguing enough. As per the article, anybody “could have thought up and probably has many times” about such an idea.

While Business F1 has suggested that this movie is likely to turn out to be a disaster, Hamilton does have high hopes for it. While speaking to the media (as quoted by Business Insider) Hamilton said, “I have high hopes for it“.

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