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Oscar Piastri Reappears on F1 Podcast to Roast the Hosts for a Viral Moment Once Again

Sabyasachi Biswas

Oscar Piastri Reappears on F1 Podcast to Roast the Hosts for a Viral Moment Once Again

Oscar Piastri returned to chat with Bettywyn Glover and Christian Hewgill of The Fast and the Curious podcast, and once again, he caught them off guard. The McLaren driver showed his presence of mind and roasted the hosts of the show in one of the most unexpected ways.

Piastri went after Glover when the latter misjudged the position of the city of Manchester. Glover was having trouble listening to Piastri and said, “I am having bad internet issues, Oscar, [it] is terrible down here in Manchester.” 

The McLaren driver’s wittiness was on full display henceforth, as he said, “Down here in Man… Hang on, hang on, hang on. Down here in Manchester. Okay,”

Piastri’s initial response was sarcastic, because Glover was incorrect in placing ‘down’ before referring to Manchester. The city is actually more on the Northern side, which is why “up” would have been more appropriate. Glover and Hewgill, both recognized this and burst out laughing, and the former even admitted that her geography is terrible.

“I was going to say, if that’s down, where do you consider up?” Piastri added.

This wasn’t Piastri’s first funny and viral interaction with the hosts of The Fast and The Curious podcast. Last year, when he traveled to Silverstone for his first-ever British GP, he had an interaction with another host of the show- Greg James.

How Oscar Piastri outwitted podcast host

Greg James got a hold of Oscar Piastri at the 2023 British GP weekend in Silverstone, and asked him if Lewis Hamilton winning the championship in 2023 would be incredible.

Piastri, who seemed to be in a sassy mood, responded, “No, it would not be incredible. I think Oscar Piastri winning first world championship is a better [story].”

Of course, his intention was not to berate Hamilton or suggest that him winning the world title would be bad. Hamilton was driving for Mercedes, and he was driving for McLaren. Both teams were miles behind Red Bull, the sport’s most dominant team, which is why he jokingly went for an unrealistic response in his favor.

This interview clip became viral, and added to Piastri’s popularity which was already soaring, thanks to his brilliant rookie season. The Melbourne-born driver is quickly becoming one of the most beloved drivers in the paddock. His witty nature is a huge reason behind the same.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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