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Prince Albert II Explains How Close Monaco GP Came to Lose Its Place in the F1 Calendar

Vidit Dhawan

Prince Albert II Explains How Close Monaco GP Came to Lose Its Place in the F1 Calendar

Monaco’s inclusion on the F1 calendar is often regarded as a necessity for the sport, owing the the Grand Prix’s rich history. However, not too long ago, F1 was in danger of losing its ‘crown jewel’. The organizers managed to extend their contract with F1 by three years, but Prince Albert II of Monaco revealed just how close the race was from getting scrapped.

On a recent episode of the Formula for Success podcast, David Coulthard asked him about the same. To this, Prince Albert II replied,

There were some discussions that were a little bit difficult but that’s all been sorted out. We have theoretically a five-year contract but there’ll be an assessment after three years“.

Prince Albert II spoke about a review because certain aspects of the Grand Prix need clarification. However, he is confident that the Monaco GP will be on the calendar for five more years at the very least.

Concerns about the Monaco GP’s future emerged ahead of this season’s race. 2024 is the last year of the circuit’s current contract with F1. And before Prince Albert II’s recent revelation, many thought it would be removed, as Monaco doesn’t produce good racing, and has very limited overtaking opportunities.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner agrees with this narrative. At the same time, he insists that if there is any track on the calendar that deserves to stay because of its heritage, it is Monaco.

Christian Horner explains why F1 will find it difficult to remove the Monaco GP

Christian Horner knows that the Monaco GP doesn’t produce exciting races in terms of action and overtakes. However, the legacy is unmatched, because F1 cannot find a similar track anywhere around the globe.

While speaking in an interview last year (as quoted by ESPN), Christian Horner said,

I think that if Monaco was a new circuit coming onto the calendar now and they said, ‘Well, you’re going to have the lowest fee of every single circuit, you’re going to go there and you can’t overtake’, it would never be accepted onto the calendar“.

Horner added that Monaco is still on the schedule only because of its heritage. It is the oldest F1 race, having first featured in a Championship calendar during the sport’s inaugural season in 1950.

It didn’t feature on the calendar between 1951 and 1954, following which it became a constant on the calendar from 1955 onwards. Monaco GP only missed out on a spot once thereafter. The 2020 installment didn’t take place due to the COVID pandemic.

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