Rachel Brookes F1: Journey of SkySports F1 Presenter into the world of Formula 1

Tanish Chachra
|Published 11/07/2020

Rachel Brookes F1: The Skysports presenter has gained massive fame in the world of Formula 1; a look into the journey of her into the world of speed.

The SkySports presenter Rachel Brookes has gained massive fame because she is among the few women into the sport and so far has been one of the best in the field.

The British presenter has been a die-hard follower of the game since her childhood and her journey is inspiring for someone who wants to apply his trade in a similar business.

According to Givemesport, Brookes started her career on the radio on breakfast sports, followed by a stint for TalkSport, after which she determined that she wants to explore her career in Sports Journalism.

It was later revealed that she aimed to get a job at the SkySport, but it did not come easily and persuaded the bosses at the SkySports for 5 years to hire her, and finally, she was able to grab it.

In the interview with the Givemesport, she revealed that initially she was deployed to cover Cricket, “It was the only sport I could see a space for me to get in terms of women working in cricket,” reflects Brookes.

“And there had been some other women who paved the way, Anita Rani did the Cricket AM Show for Sky so I knew they were open to women working in cricket.” As soon as F1 was on the table, Brookes recalls: “I applied for one of the jobs on it immediately.”

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Rachel Brooker career in Formula 1

From outside, Formula 1 does look like an exclusive sport with little representation, but Brookes asserted that during her time in Formula 1 she saw the environment around her really welcoming.

“I found it probably one of the most welcoming sports.” In contrast, she found that fans in cricket took some convincing. “I was doing reports from the boundary edge and women just didn’t do that,” Brookes explains.

“Some of the fans were quite difficult when I started in cricket, but they soon bought into it once they realized that you are just as passionate about their sport as they were, and just as keen to know and learn as much about it, and then report as they would if they were there.”

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