“That’s why I want to stay in F1″– Lewis Hamilton explains retirement plan delay along with a message to George Russell

Tanish Chachra
|Published September 28, 2021

“That’s why I want to stay in F1″– Lewis Hamilton talks about why 2022 is not his year to retire and has a message for his new teammate.

Lewis Hamilton will be 37-year-old by the end of the season, but the Briton is not ready to retire as of now, as he is still at the top of the game even at this phase of his life.

But one may wonder what keeps him motivated after winning seven championships and 100 Grand Prix races, and Hamilton reveals the new regulations that are currently encouraging him to remain in F1.

“Honestly, I’m not scared of that. Looking ahead to next year, the performance of the cars is likely to be closer together,” Hamilton told Sky Italia. “The races will be more intense, so driving skills can carry a lot of weight.”

“And that’s why I want to stay in F1, because it will really be an opportunity to show my skills. In our sport, it is not that simple, sometimes there is an opportunity to overtake, but not so many, that’s why I am thrilled.”

“And I believe my spirit can help the team make progress because I know what I need from the car and where performance needs to go.”

Mercedes would need to rebuild

The 2022 regulations demand a significant overhaul among all teams, de-stabilizing Mercedes’ current modus operandi. Moreover, the exit of Valtteri Bottas is also a massive change for Mercedes, who worked as a loyal deputy to Hamilton.

So, the Briton thinks he would have a crucial part to play in the team rebuild, and it would be a good opportunity for George Russell, who will be replacing Bottas in 2022, to learn from his compatriot.

“I hope to be important in this regard and to be part of the growth of Russell, who will be next to me.  He is already very fast but he will surely learn from me because I have been in F1 for the longest time.”

“And I will also be able to learn from him. I have no qualms about learning from someone younger. I have no fear, I just want to win. I believe that as we get older we have to work more on the body, we have to train more. When you are young you need less.”

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