“The slipstream effect is definitely less effective”– George Russell worried reduced slip stream will compromise overtaking

Tanish Chachra
|Published 27/02/2022

George Russell is worried that the reduced slipstream on the new F1 cars might reduce the number of overtakes between his competition.

The new 2022 regulations intend to add competition between the teams by making overtaking easier. During the Barcelona testing, several drivers reported that the new rules have made it easier to follow the cars ahead through corners and onto straights.

However, George Russell finds an issue with the cars of the new age. The Briton race driver informs that the aero characteristics of the new car produce low tow comparatively. Thus, it could lead to a compromise in overtaking.

“I think the following has been improved,” said Russell to Motorsport.com about the 2022 cars. “But the slipstream effect has been reduced quite substantially, I think.

“So, I don’t really know. It would be best if you obviously had that delta on the straight to be able to overtake because you can only really overtake at the end of the straight into the corner.

“I think we can follow closer, but from what we’ve seen, the slipstream effect is definitely less effective. So, we’ll have to wait and see. I got right up behind Lando [Norris], and I was a car length or two behind him, and I missed him down the straights.

“So that was slightly concerning. But, let’s see.”

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Lando Norris seconds George Russell

Even Norris had similar feedback after taking his new MCL36 in Barcelona for three days. The McLaren superstar resonates Russell’s viewpoints by agreeing that the following is easy this year, and slipstream has gotten worse this year.

He feels that the effect of slipstream reduction could have its advantages and disadvantages. Though, he wants to wait for the first race to happen before weighing which one will have more effect.

Is Mercedes afraid of Ferrari?

After witnessing the three days of testing in Barcelona, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff talked about the much-hyped Ferrari engine. While speaking to AMuS, Wolff claims the Ferrari engine seems to be the strongest this year.

Meanwhile, Red Bull chief Helmut Marko also called the new Ferrari “solid”. Though he wonders how much gas the new machinery will have to challenge the top two.

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