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Watch: Aero God Adrian Newey Leaves Fans in Disbelief After Making Incredible Overtake in Monaco

Nischay Rathore

Watch: Aero God Adrian Newey Leaves Fans in Disbelief After Making Incredible Overtake in Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix Historique 2024 has reached its final day. However, excitement remains on the up and the reason behind it is Adrian Newey. That is, however, not because of a car that he designed and turned it into a beast. The reason is his exploits behind the wheel. Newey is racing in the Grand Prix and pulled off a stunning overtake, which left fans in awe.

Driving the legendary Lotus 49B, Newey took sublime racing lines like a seasoned driver. He kept the opponent in front under constant pressure on a circuit where overtaking is a herculean task.

Fully aware of the nature of the Monaco circuit, the 65-year-old waited for the opportunity to attack. He sensed an opportunity at the hairpin when the car ahead failed to get a good exit. Newey pounced on the opportunity and overtook after taking the inside line.

The Lotus 49B is the car fielded by the F1 team of the yesteryear in 1968. Driving the historic car back then, Graham Hill bagged the race win in Monaco.

Hill also went on to win the second and last title of his Formula 1 career with the 49B. Designed originally by Colin Chapman and Maurice Phillip, it registered 12 wins, 23 podiums, and 19 pole positions in 42 races.

Needless to say, watching the legendary designer Adrian Newey take the wheel was nothing short of sensational for F1 fans. The overtake at the hairpin was just the icing on the cake. One fan joked that the Briton quit Red Bull as their CTO just to start a career as a driver.

Another predicted a tough competition for Max Verstappen for the 2025 World Drivers’ Championship.

Some felt Sergio Perez’s seat was under threat from Adrian Newey.

When driving his own car turned out to be a bad idea for Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey was the chief designer at Williams in 1993 when the team fielded the FW15 in the championship. The legendary car went on to win both the constructors’ championship and the drivers’ championship, courtesy of Alain Prost.

However, Newey’s own experience behind the wheel was a forgettable one. Recalling how it went on the Paul Ricard circuit in his biography, How to Build a Car, he wrote,

“Taking to the straight, I had the traction control wound up high for stability, but even so it felt like I was wrestling with the car rather than driving it. I was wearing my motorcycle helmet, which was in constant danger of being sucked off my head, the chin strap throttling me. I’d thought the constant howling noise was immense at a standstill, but on the track it’s like World War III breaking out in the cockpit.”

The car was so undrivable that he ended up stalling it. Once he got it to start back up, problems persisted. Newey spun around when it started to rain. Thankfully, a big run-off area ensured the Briton did not crash into the barriers.

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