“I like to introduce him to you”: Watch Michael Schumacher interviewing Mattia Binotto the current Ferrari boss while presenting him first time on camera

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Published February 01, 2022

 Michael Schumacher in a Ferrari segment interviewed present Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto along with key race engineers.

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest drivers this sport has ever given to the world. A remarkable Seven times Driver’s world champion only to be equalled by Lewis Hamilton.

This is all that has been witnessed by a then-young Ferrari employee Mattia Binotto. Let us go back to the past and watch when Schumacher interviewed his Ferrari crew almost 20 years ago.

The Precious Race Engineers presented by Michael Schumacher

“Hard worker” Chris Dyer was the first one to be introduced. He was the race engineer of Schumacher. Describing his role to the team, Dyer said,” I work with Michael on setting up the car.”

“Working on improving the performance of the car both at the tests and races.” A proud Seven times world champion appreciated him by saying that he [Dyer] is the best at it.”

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Dyer is currently the head of Alpine’s Vehicle performance group

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Next, we were all introduced to the data and telemetry expert Mr Andrea Stella. In his own words, he looks after the vehicle. “In particular my tool is the telemetry data. I do the analysis of the data coming from the car.” Stella concluded.

Moreover, jokingly Michael described Stella’s squared eyes as he is on the computer the whole time. He currently works as an executive racing director at McLaren.

The Powertrain head “Young” Binotto

“So, now we have the third important guy. It’s the piece between the rear wing and the driver is the engine, and it’s Mr. Binotto. I like to introduce him to you.

“He is the engineer and now sort of the head of the group of the engine, Mr. Binotto, and maybe you explain a bit on what you do in the car at the race weekend,” said Michael while introducing Mattia.

Explaining his role in the functioning of the team, Binotto said, “During the race weekend, I was working on the reliability and ensuring that the engine worked properly on Michael’s car.”

“In order to get absolute reliability and the best performance from the engine it is important that we talk to Michael to get his feedback in order to achieve this.”

“Exactly, thank you. See you at the meeting,” concluded Schumacher.

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