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“We have had discussions with F1″– Indonesia put in its bid to appear in F1; MotoGP to debut on same circuit on March 2022

Tanish Chachra

"We have had discussions with F1"– Indonesia put in its bid to appear in F1; MotoGP to debut on same circuit on March 2022

“We have had discussions with F1″– Indonesia presents an offer to Formula 1 to expand in Asia, as they welcome them to their ‘A-grade’ circuit.

Formula 1’s 2021 season was aimed to be the lengthiest season ever, as they planned around 23 races on the calendar this year. But the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly hindering their plans.

Amidst this, Indonesia has offered them an opportunity to organize a Grand Prix in their ‘A-grade’ circuit, which will debut MotoGP this year. Though, it is not sure whether Indonesia would agree to 2021 inclusion amidst a new vacancy after the dismissal of Japan.

“Our circuit can be graded FIA A-grade, which would accommodate F1 and we have had discussions with F1 on Lombok,” says Ricky Baheramsjah, CEO of the Mandalika Grand Prix Association.

“They don’t like the gravel traps that we need for MotoGP, but that’s a minor issue,” he continues, “because under the gravel is just asphalt and it can be shifted out.

“We may need a few more facilities,” he admits, “more five-star hotels, as MotoGP is a very broad market; people on scooters and people in Bentleys. Ticket pricing is also relatively more affordable for MotoGP than it is for F1.”

“So, a destination like Lombok would be challenging for F1, but once Mandalika is developed a bit more, then there is a fantastic opportunity for F1 should it want to explore it. For now, though, we are fully focused on the races we have lined up.”

F1’s intensive expansion in Asia has been a success

F1, in recent years, has gained several fans in Asia, with its voyages to several nations in the continent like China, Japan, India, Singapore, the middle east, etc.

The inclusion of Indonesia will be a new opportunity for them, as so far, only Singapore was a consistent appearance from South East Asia, and Vietnam was supposed to help them expand further in both 2020 and 2021.

But both states pulled out their participation on both occasions due to rising COVID-19 concerns.

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Tanish Chachra


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