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Who is Yasmin Janahi?: Internet Reacts With DHL F1 Commentary Contest Winner Takes Over the Box

Tanish Chachra

Who is Yasmi Janahi?: Internet Reacts With DHL F1 Commentary Contest Winner Takes Over the Box

The third day of the Bahrain Preseason testing brought in an unfamiliar face to the Formula 1 commentary box. Yasmin Janahi, who won the DHL’s contest F1 Commentator challenge got some significant time on air.

According to the Mirror, Janahi, who hails from Nothern Ireland was over the moon to get the dram F1 opportunity, as she got to fly to Bahrain to see the season-opening tests. “I can’t believe it, it is a dream come true,” beamed Yasmin.

As soon as the 19-year-old F1 fan appeared across the world, many were in awe of her knowledge and some started admiring her for her beauty. Overall, she just made a massive buzz online and gave innumerable reactions.

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Twitter reacts as Yasmi Janahi appears on F1 channels

Janahi coming on TV made several fans curious about her. But as soon as she was declared the winner of a DHL contest, one of the sponsors of F1, made them realize why she is there one of the biggest commentators of the sport.

But funnily fans found her more interesting than some of the high-profile experts of the sports. Not because of her knowledge but also of her looks and the way she spoke on television for a significant amount of time.

Who is Yasmin Janahi?

According to the interview she gave to Belfast Live, Janahi is a big Formula 1 fan, and regularly follows F1 and DHL Motorsports’ official pages. That’s how she came to know about the commentary opportunity she got.

Though, she didn’t expect to out beat a massive herd of contestants competing against her. But her 90-second video submitted was good enough for F1 to bring her to Bahrain. In the interview, she revealed that she is a Daniel Ricciardo fan and she feels that it’s unfortunate that she can’t meet him during her trip, as he is no more in the paddock.

Career-wise, Janahi aspires to be an F1 presenter, which she further revealed. With this opportunity, she seems to be on the correct path.

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