Fall Guys Godzilla Skin: Developers are introducing monster-theme Godzilla Skin in Fall Guys

Gautham Balaji
|Published 28/10/2020

Fall Guys Godzilla Skin: Developers introduce monster-theme Godzilla Skin in Fall Guys. On November 3rd, Fall Guys is getting a Godzilla theme skin and it looks absolutely cute and adorable.

Players can now chomp away at beans dressed as Godzilla, as Mediatonic, the developers of Fall Guys have confirmed it. Fall Guys is one of the biggest hit games of the year. It soared to the top of Steam charts within weeks of the launch. It has also been a hit on PlayStation.

Due to its immense success, a lot of brands have taken an interest in getting their own skin in Fall Guys. It’s release is on November 3rd, which is also Godzilla’s birthday. Every year, Japan holds an annual festival to celebrate the Godzilla’s birthday. Godzilla will be the 2nd celebrity skin in the game. The first one is the iconic Sonic Hedgehog.

The skin will cost players only 10 crowns, however, it will be available only for a limited time. So, you can grab the skin by winning gains and getting enough crowns to own the Godzilla skin.

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Earlier this month, Fall Guys released Season 2, which takes a medieval theme. The levels are filled with moats, castles & bridges, while skins also follow the central theme of the middle ages. You can be a wizard, a dragon, a knight and even a jester.

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