Fall Guys News: Fall Guys Update 1.09 Patch Notes, Fall Guys Season 2 details.

Gautham Balaji
|Published 08/10/2020

Fall Guys Update 1.09 patch Notes, Fall Guys Season 2 details. The popular MOBA game Fall Guys is starting Season 2 today. Before that, they released their latest update for PS4. Below, you can find all the details about the update and what you can expect in Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. 

Fall Guys Season 2 will have players compete in a Medieval theme, brining everything from castles to princesses, knights & dragons. Players will venture into the middle ages and will have chances to unlock various skins, costumes & emotes by winning stages. Although Season 2 has not started yet, the rest of the update has become live.

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Some of the new skins in Season 2 include a horse, princess & even a jester.


Fall Guys Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Here are the Patch Details of Fall Guys update 1.09. The Season 2 has not begun yet, but the news levels have already gone live.

New Levels

Knight Fever:  The Fall Guys developers have claimed that Knight Fever is the hardest gauntlet level yet.

Wall Guys:  In this level, you will have to cooperate with other players to climb & cross castle walls.

Egg Siege: This is a brand-new Egg Scramble map which will feature moving drawbridges.

Hoopsie Legends: This is a solo hoopsie round which has moveable blocks


Fall Guys are now more responsive when they are trying to mantle up ledges.

Also, there are visual updates to many levels. You can also see your party members fall alongside you while waiting for matchmaking to complete.

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