Fall Guys Rewards: Fall Guys Season One Rewards; How long is Fall Guys Season One, What is Kudos & Fame in Fall Guys?

Gautham Balaji
|Published 20/08/2020

Fall Guys Season One: Fall Guys Season One Rewards; How long is Fall Guys Season One, What is Kudos & Fame in Fall Guys? Read more to find out the exciting rewards you can earn in Fall Guys Season One. Here are the latest details about Season One of Fall Guys and when it ends.

The Fall Guys Season One is drawing a lot of attention from streamers. The latest MOBA game is having tremendous success and is being loved by fans across Europe and America. This article will break down all the details about the exciting rewards that await players in Season One of Fall Guys.

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When does Season One of Fall Guys end?

The first season of Fall Guys will go on for 60 days, counting the day it was released.

This means that fans have until September 6th to grab all the Season One rewards. Once Season One ends, you might not be able to earn the rewards.

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What are the Season One Fall Guys Rewards?

There are a total of 40 levels in Fall Guys Season One. These levels are called Fame levels. Every player starts at Fame Level 1. By winning games and gaining experience and Kudos (in-game currency), players can scale up Fame Levels. Rewards begin from Fame Level 2. Here is the entire list of rewards.

Fame LevelRewardCategoryRarity
2500 KudosCurrencyN/A
51 CrownCurrencyN/A
6PigeonLower CostumeCommon
8Squiggly CamoPatternUncommon
9PigeonUpper CostumeCommon
101000 KudosCurrencyN/A
13RookieLower CostumeUncommon
141500 KudosCurrencyN/A
15Citrus BlastColourRare
16RookieUpper CostumeUncommon
182500 KudosCurrencyN/A
19Hot DogUpper CostumeRare
201 CrownCurrencyN/A
22Hot DogLower CostumeRare
233500 KudosCurrencyN/A
24Rainbow WaterColourRare
25ChickenLower CostumeRare
26Paint DippedPatternEpic
27Night SkyColourRare
28ChickenUpper CostumeRare
294500 KudosCurrencyN/A
30Pirate JigEmoteUncommon
321 CrownCurrencyN/A
33HunterLower CostumeEpic
34Ocean DreamsColourRare
35Baby BlueFaceplateUncommon
36HunterUpper CostumeEpic
37Zebra StripesPatternRare
386000 KudosCurrencyN/A
40Jack in a BoxCelebrationEpic

Points in a Single Fall Guys Match

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