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“F*ck that degenerate” – Fans lash out as Genshin Impact Summer Festival gets a bomb threat

Amlan Roy

An image showing Paimon scared from Genshin Impact which is having its Summer Festival right now

Genshin Impact Summer Festival recently found itself landed on a huge drama, as a Twitter user posts a bomb threat. Leading to the event being completely evacuated by Seoul Special Forces to ensure public safety.

Genshin Impact Summer Festival was hosted as an opportunity for the fans to gather together and earn free Primogems. However, due to unforeseen circumstances like a bomb threat, this event got suspended for the time being. Additionally, this also counts as an act of terror, which won’t be taken lightly by the authorities.

This circumstance has ticked-off netizens as this act of terrorism at the game event was simply unexpected. To dive deeper into the story, we have collected all the information that you need to know to be up-to-date.

Genshin Impact Summer Festival finds itself under acts of terrorism

Genshin Impact Summer Festival was having a flawless run at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena (KSPO Dome). However, it was halted as a bomb threat surfaced on Twitter from a user named PingPingMon69. The Twitter account has been suspended at the moment due to a violation of the company’s Rules and Guidelines.

In their original tweet, they displayed a handmade explosive device that is kept in a cooking ware filled with nails. On explosion, this would shoot projectiles onto people and gravely injure people around its radius. Making this explosive a serious matter among all the attendees.

Once Netizens found out about this act of terrorism, they got furious over the threat on Twitter. People suspect this might be a prank or a joke, however, no one finds this funny at all. “This is truly disgusting and alarming,” one of the Twitter users replied after seeing the image.

Authorities were called in for checking out the venue and to everyone’s surprise nothing was found. No information has been found surrounding the terrorist at the moment, however, it might be possible to find them. Since they Tweeted their Pressure Cooker IED, authorities can track where it was sent from and take necessary actions.

Current status of the event after the threat

A Reddit user who was attending the event gave live updates on what was happening at the event location. According to the user, everyone has been re-allowed to enter the venue again after the search was done. Additionally, every attendee was thoroughly getting checked before re-entering the location.

However, the user also advised everyone to be safe and keep their guards up on the event grounds. The author of the post also blamed themself for spreading the information, as it was purely the intention of the terrorist, in which they succeeded.

That’s all you need to know about the events that happened at Genshin Impact Summer Festival in Korea. If you found this article informative, check out our other content by clicking here.

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