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Genshin Impact releases Fontaine teaser and drip marketing for three new Fontaine characters

Angana Mazumdar

Freminet in Genshin Impact teaser

Genshin Impact has been popular for its amazing character roster with various designs and drip marketing. With the upcoming patch of Fontaine, the game has revealed its latest additions to playable characters via Twitter and a Youtube teaser. 

Genshin Impact 3.8 has arrived as the final stepping stone toward the new nation of Fontaine. The developers are keen to give a great start to the travelers’ new journey with some new characters from the region. To make things official, they have also released a trailer to introduce several new faces.

Besides the ever-so-popular Lyney and Lynette, HoYoverse has also confirmed the voice actors of the other new characters introduced. Along with that, the devs have released the drip marketing of the latest characters who can be expected in version 4.0 in the game via different platforms.


  • Genshin Impact Overture Teaser: The Final Feast
  • Lyney drip marketing
  • Lynette drip marketing
  • Freminet drip marketing

Genshin Impact Overture Teaser: The Final Feast

View on Website

A bunch of new character designs have been officially revealed by HoYoverse through the Fontaine teaser “Overture Teaser: The Final Feast” on YouTube. Genshin Impact has also mentioned all the voice actors’ names in the description of the video. The video starts with Freminet, a renowned diver from Fontaine, sinking. It then cuts to Lyney and Lynette, while Lynette narrates the “essence of magic”. We then see Navia, a blonde girl with an umbrella, followed by Charlotte, a journalist from Fontaine first introduced in version 3.7.

The next scene shows Writohesley and a kid called Sigewinne drinking tea over a table. Then it cuts to Neuvillette, who is being followed by Clorinde, who looks like a police officer from Fontaine. The next scene shows “The Knave” Arlecchino, a Fatui Harbinger, commenting on the show presented by Lyney and Lynette. Finally, the teaser ends with Focalors, the Archon of Fontaine, talking to Neuvillette in what looks like a courtroom.

Voice artists for new Fontaine characters

Navia in Genshin Impact
Credits: HoYoverse

The list of English and Japanese voice actors for all the characters featured in the teaser are given below:


  • EN: Paul Castro Jr.
  • JP: Shunichi Toki


  • EN: Courtney Steele
  • JP: Sayuri Yahagi


  • EN: Daman Mills
  • JP: Hiro Shimono


  • EN: Anairis Quiñones
  • JP: Yu Sasahara


  • EN: Brenna Larsen
  • JP: Aki Toyosaki


  • EN: Maya Aoki Tuttle
  • JP: Azumi Waki


  • EN: Joe Zieja
  • JP: Daisuke Ono


  • EN: Sarah Williams
  • JP: Hina Kino


  • EN: Crystal Lee
  • JP: Yui Ishikawa

“The Knave” Arlecchino

  • EN: Erin Yvette
  • JP: Nanako Mori


  • EN: Amber Lee Connors
  • JP: Inori Minase


  • EN: Ray Chase
  • JP: Hiroshi Kamiya

Additionally, it is important to mention that the character Egeria has not been shown in the video. However, it can be predicted that the voice-over in the first scene where Freminet is sinking, is of Egeria. Not much is known about the character, but more official news can be expected when the region releases.

Genshin Impact Lyney drip marketing

Lyney is a character introduced officially long back when the Teyvat Travail trailer for the game was released three years ago. The character was since then hinted to be a performer of some kind, which became clear later, that he is a magician. He is seen with his twin sister Lynette, also introduced for the Fontaine update. He is a proclaimed magician who grew up in Arlecchino’s orphanage and performs in the Court of Fontaine. The character details revealed by his drip marketing by Genshin Impact are:

  • Character: Lyney: Spectacle of Phantasmagoria
  • Element: Pyro
  • Constellation: Felis Fuscus

It is speculated that he will be a five-star to be featured in the first phase banner of version 4.0 with a Bow type of weapon.

Genshin Impact Lynette drip marketing

Lynette was also introduced with her brother in the Travail trailer. She sports a star on her face as compared to a teardrop symbol on Lyney’s. She is an assistant who works in the magical shows in the Court of Fontaine led by Lyney. Her drip marketing mentions she is the complete opposite of her brother, a low-level assistant as compared to Lyney, who claims to be “the greatest magician in all Teyvat”. Her official details are as follows:

  • Character: Lynette: Elegance in the Shadows
  • Element: Anemo
  • Constellation: Felis Alba

Lynette is predicted to be a four-star to have a feature alongside her brother’s banner in the first phase of v4.0. She might be a Sword-wielder `

Genshin Impact Freminet drip marketing

Genshin Impact has revealed the details for yet another sibling in the trio, Freminet, the youngest brother of Lyney and Lynette. Unlike the older twins who are involved with magic, Freminet is a diver in Fontaine. However, he enjoys looking at magic tricks performed by Lyney to entertain him. He is renowned to be a diver in the Court of Fontaine and loves to explore the depths of the underwater realm. Because the travelers will be able to dive into the waters from version 4.0, Freminet can be considered to be a key element in the storyline or sidequests that involve diving in the next update.

  • Character: Freminet: Yearning for Unseen Depths
  • Element: Cryo
  • Constellation: Automaton

Freminet will be released as a playable in version 4.0 as well, although speculations suggest he will be available in the second phase as a Claymore-wielding four-star.

Finally, these are all the characters officially introduced by HoYoverse with their recent drip marketing and teaser. Although most other characters are in leaks or speculations, more news can be expected as Fontaine comes closer to its release.

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