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Final Fantasy XVI: Release Date, Platforms, Plot, and More

Ripan Majumdar

Final Fantasy XVI

June 2023 is going to be thrilling for fans of  Action-Adventure games, as Square Enix is returning with the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XVI. The game will feature many new plots and features for the player to explore.

Final Fantasy is unquestionably a fan-favorite gaming series, with a history spanning over three decades. Square Enix will release the sixteenth installment of the main Final Fantasy storyline next month. There are a lot of new features in this series, from being a platform exclusive to returning to a more familiar setting.

Ever since the first teaser was dropped, fans had many questions in their heads which remained unanswered for many years. Finally, they will have all the necessary answers they were seeking for. Here is everything about Final Fantasy XVI.


  • Release date and availability on all platforms
  • Plot and settings
  • The gameplay for Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI release date and availability on all platforms

Final Fantasy XVI is only a few days away from its official release. It seems like only yesterday when the completion of this action-adventure game felt like a pipe dream due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s significant impact on development. Finally, FFXVI is going to be available on the shelves from June 22, 2023.

Fans were startled to learn that Final Fantasy XVI will be launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, it will be a six-month exclusive, after which copies for other platforms will be released. But those on PC and Xbox may have to wait much longer. Furthermore, Xbox fans who were unable to play the Final Fantasy VII remake might fail to enjoy this one too.

Final Fantasy XVI plot and setting

Final Fantasy XVI takes set in Valisthea, a world divided into six countries. Owing to a disease known as the Blight threatening the world, there is an enormous conflict between each country. Meanwhile, the protagonist of the game, Clive Rosfield, witnesses the devastation of his nation and then embarks on a revenge quest to prevent such destruction from happening again.

As for the game’s setting, the developers took a huge U-turn from what they did with the last game. Square Enix went for a contemporary sci-fi setting for the Final Fantasy XV. However, they returned to the classic medieval-mythical setting for the upcoming FFXVI. Fans would again use magical swords and shields instead of futuristic weapons.

The gameplay for Final Fantasy XVI

Being an action-adventure game, fans would be controlling the protagonist Clive Rosefield. The players would be accompanied by AI-controlled partners, who will keep rotating throughout the game. As for the adventure part of the game, players would be free to explore the different nations of Valisthea.

The game’s combat will be heavily focused on melee and magical action. In the game, Clive would be battling against Monsters called Eikons. Further, the game’s protagonist would gain access to the Eikons’ abilities after defeating them. There will also be a New Game+ mode, allowing players to carry over their statistics and equipment into a more challenging campaign.

For the time being, this is all that is known about FFXVI. Fans will now have to wait a few days for this upcoming action-adventure game to be completely ruined.

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