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Genshin Impact Kirara: Release Date, Elemental Skill and Burst Description

Aaryanshi Mohan

Genshin Impact Kirara

New information has been discovered by leakers about Genshin Impact Kirara. Contrary to an initial leak, new info revealed that her name was not Momoka, but Kirara. Now, more leaks by Mero have shed light her kit, gameplay, and skills.

For the unversed, Kirara is a 4-star Dendro character, who will make her way into the game in the Genshin Impact 3.7 update. According to the leaks, her role in the game would be that of a shield and can help her team get much stronger All-Elemental DMG.

New leaks reveal information about Kirara before the 3.7 update

The leak by Mero shows off a lot of things including her name card. Her Elemental Skills details have also been detailed in the leak. In addition to all of this, it seems like her shield will last 12 seconds. There are no details about her cool-down time, but one can expect it to be between eight to 12 seconds.

  • Hold: Creates a shield and gets into the Urgent Neko Parcel.
  • Urgent Neko Parcel: Inflicts DMG to anybody she bumps into at a rate of 0.5 seconds. Her locomotive abilities are all at their peak. This ability lasts 10 seconds and can be canceled anytime by jumping or performing any other activity.
  • Press: Inflicts DMG and creates a shield that can take a lot of damage if her HP is maxed out.

Kirara’s Elemental Burst enables her to create a box containing a giant cat that opens its mouth and throws small boxes. These boxes have two purposes. They deal damage to the enemies and heal allies if no enemies are nearby.

When will Kirara get released in Genshin Impact?

Based on all the information given out by Genshin Impact on their Twitter, she will be a part of the game when the 3.7 version is out. For now, the 3.6 update has just started, and the cycle will take 42 days to finish. Once that is finished, she will be introduced to the game.

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