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Lies of P director Ji Won Choi confirms sequel alongside DLC

Amlan Roy

An concept art showing DLC for Lies of P

For Souls-like genre fans, Lies of P quickly captured the hearts of many, and director Ji Won Choi confirmed a sequel. Not only that, but he also stated that Neowiz Games, the studio behind the title is working on a DLC as well.

In the Director’s Letter video, Ji Won Choi thanked the community for helping them surpass one million units in sales. He even shared his heartfelt gratitude by saying:

This could not have been possible without the love and support from you. I wanted to show my greatest gratitude for playing and enjoying Lies of P.

To extend his gratitude towards the player base, the director shared the news on what they have been working on. According to Ji Won Choi, they are putting all their attention towards developing a DLC before creating a sequel. As things are, the developers are currently brainstorming on how they can provide new content to the players.

He even shared the possible release of the next patch for the game, which is set for later in November. Incidentally, the next update will focus on weapon balancing as it plays a crucial role.

The director also addressed player concerns regarding daggers and a few blades underperforming in the game. Furthermore, he mentioned that the next update will be working on making them more usable for players who prefer such weapons. Additionally, he also insisted that he wishes to see players get more creative with their builds.

What is known about the Lies of P DLC so far?

Ji Won Choi shared a sneak peek of the DLC and what players could expect from it. In the video, he shared an image, which showed Pinocchio standing on a pirate ship. From its looks, the setting appears to be abandoned ships on the Atlantic.

Since Lies of P is set during the steampunk era of civilization, the DLC could include the Titanic. On the other hand, since the story is based on fables, Treasure of the Ghost Pirate could also be a possibility. This is all that could be made out of the concept art teased by the director in the thanking video.

Apart from the DLC, Neowiz Games is also working on a crossover with Wo Long. Details of the crossover haven’t been shared as of now, but updates will be given in the future. At the moment, Ji Won Choi has asked the fanbase to remain patient while they work on it.

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