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Saints Row Reboot: How a “Different” Path for the Franchise led to Devs Shutting Down the Studio

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

An image of the Saints Row Reboot Poster

The Saints Row Developers “Volition” recently announced that they are going to be closing down shop amidst the release of the Saints Row Reboot on PS Plus this September.

The Saints Row franchise has always been a beloved game series with mechanics and gameplay, just like the GTA series. However, only the earlier games would be considered the best among the franchise since most critics and fans have the same opinion about the Saints Row Reboot.

Quite recently, we saw that the Reboot is heading over to PS Plus subscriptions released as a part of the new catalog this September. Just a day after this announcement, Volition, the developers of the Saints Row franchise, announced that they are closing up shop. Read all about it below.


  • The Developers Behind the Saints Row Franchise Close Up Shop After Reboot Flops
  • Volition’s Message to the Fans
  • The Fans Reaction to the News
  • How a Different Route Meant the End of Saints Row and Volition

The Developers Behind the Saints Row Franchise Close Up Shop After Reboot Flops

An image of the expansion for Saints Row Reboot
(Image via Volition)

The Saints Row franchise is one of the best Action Adventure franchises that give players creative freedom over their appearance and gameplay. Players compared it to the GTA series, and for good reason. It had authenticity and a character creation masterclass that did not copy-paste GTA. There was a distinct feel about each of the games, and the characters were well-written.

The series was critically acclaimed till the Third game, and even after that, some games were good, except the Reboot. The Reboot received criticism for its bad writing, characters, gameplay, and the associated bugs. However, the final nail in the coffin was the announcement of Volition, the developers shutting down their organization over the failure of the Reboot. Let us break it down.

Volition’s Message to the Fans

On 31st August 2023, Volition posted an announcement on their LinkedIn, announcing that they are closing their operations for good. They went on to explain that the Parent company, Embracer Group, had announced a restructuring program, and the studio did not fit the bill. This happened because the group was under massive expansion, and it shut down multiple studios that did not live up to standards.

By that, we mean that the Saints Row Reboot was a way to revive the franchise. Much to their dismay, it didn’t work out because the game flopped. Due to that, Volition outright came out and said that they would shut down operations. You can read the whole message above.

The developers are also providing assistance to people who were left without a job in this shutdown. They thanked the fans and the customers who supported them throughout the journey in this heartfelt goodbye.

The Fans Reaction to the News

Some fans reacted with heartbreak, while some went on to criticize the choice to reboot the franchise. They talked about how the Second game was the only good one and how they could have just remastered that one. The fans were divided when they received this news. Check out the mixed reactions below.

The reactions signified how much emotion players have attached to these games. Some fans also wished someone else would pick up the Saints Row franchise and start anew. But there are multiple reasons why the last game failed badly. Fans loved the earlier versions of the game. If the studio had a blueprint to follow for a Reboot, why change things? Let’s find out.

How a Different Route Meant the End of Saints Row and Volition

An image of the Saints Row Characters
(Image via Volition)

The Saints Row Reboot was the last straw for Volition. But why did it fail? The developers had the best thing to work with, and that was the roadmap of the previous games. It had the best characters, writing, customization, storytelling, and the dry comedy that the franchise is known for. They could have used that and created the same story but with better graphics.

Many comparisons were drawn by fans and critics alike. The character dialogue was what made these franchises some of the best. They were well thought out and suited the people acting them out. However, the Reboot did not have major moments of character development at all. They were substituted by radio chatter.

Plus, in the previous games, it was easier to call in backup when you were in trouble in comparison to this one. However, in the reboot, earning money is difficult, the introduction does not set up and makes the players like the characters, and the gameplay becomes repetitive after a certain point. The previous games had none of these problems, which made them fun to play and easier to complete.

That was the essential key that was missing in the Reboot. However, in the effort to try something new, the game flopped, which was sad for both the developers and Saints Row fans. At least the fans will have the chance to say goodbye to the Saints Row franchise one last time as the Reboot hits the PlayStation Catalog this September.

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