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Saints Row 4 getting free crossplay and DLC upgrade on December 8

Danyal Arabi

Saints Row 4 getting free crossplay and DLC upgrade on December 8

More than half a decade after launch, Saints Row 4 will be getting an update on PC. Consolidating the multiple versions of the game into one, this free upgrade gives all users access to Saints Row 4 Re-Elected. Aside from bundling all DLCs into one package, the developers have also enabled crossplay for PC users. This allows players to partake in co-op activities with users who purchased the game from other storefronts.

Here are all the details.

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All copies of Saints Row 4 on PC to be upgraded for free next week

A developer post on Steam reveals how the upgrade will be implemented:

“We are pleased to let you know that on December 8th we will be upgrading all copies of Saints Row IV to Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. This includes Saints Row IV: Game of The Century Edition. This means that players who own Saints Row IV in any capacity will be automatically upgraded to Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and therefore will have access to the included DLC packs”

Mission DLC:

  • Enter the Dominatrix
  • How the Saints save Christmas

Outfit and Weapon DLC:

  • Anime Pack
  • Bling Bling Pack
  • Brady Games Pack
  • Child’s Play Pack (PC only and sold for charity)
  • College Daze Pack
  • Commander-in-Chief Pack
  • Dubstep Remix Pack
  • Element of Destruction Pack
  • Game On Pack
  • Gamestop Weapon Contest Pack
  • GAT V Pack
  • Grass Roots Pack
  • Hey Ash Whatcha Playin? Pack
  • Pirate’s Booty Pack
  • Presidential Pack
  • Reverse Cosplay Pack
  • Stone Age Pack
  • Thank You Pack
  • The Rectifier
  • The Super Saints Pack
  • Volition Comics Pack
  • Wild West Pack
  • Zinyak Attack Pack
  • Executive Privilege Pack

Post the upgrade, all other versions of the game will be delisted from online platforms and will no longer be usable. However, saves and achievements will be moved over, letting players pick up where they left off. This update also allows PC users to play with others that have purchased the game on different storefronts like Epic Games Store and GOG.

While PC users will be getting the upgrade on December 8, a release date for Linux users hasn’t been specified. The blog post vaguely mentions that Linux users will receive the update “later.”

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