GP3 driver Mazepin’s father could invest heavily/buy Force India

Utkarsh Bhatla

Force India’s financial situation and the imminent takeover by some billionaire or a bunch of them is the talk of the town in F1 right now.

A recent report in Racefans suggests that GP3 driver Mazepin’s father could invest heavily/buy Force India.

However, Mazepin isn’t looking to buy Force India completely and is only going to invest in the team along with other investors.

Mazepin is currently a non-executive director at Uralkali along with being the chairman of the of the board at Uralchem.

The Racefans report suggests that Mazepin really likes Vijay Mallya and is looking to help him out in these dire times.

Mazepin Senior has been really supportive of his son’s motorsport career, having heavily invested in Formula Three team Hitech during his son’s time with the team.

Nikita Mazepin drives for ART team right now which plies its trade in GP3.

And what better, Nikita Mazepin is already in line to test Force India’s car in Hungary next week.

Force India’s financial situation is really critical at this moment and they desperately need a financially strong suitor to keep the team running.

But where does this leave Lawrence Stroll and the whole saga of him already having agreed a deal with Force India?

Will Lawrence Stroll be comfortable investing in Force India along with Mazepin? Will we then experience a clash of ideology and personal interests, with both fathers wanting their sons to drive for Force India?

Or will Lance get the go ahead? Interesting times ahead for Force India, as at least one thing is clear, more than one man wants to invest in the team.

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