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Harbhajan makes a U-turn, calls MS Dhoni his good friend

Siddharth Nair
|Sat May 27 2017

“Yes there is no doubt that Dhoni brings a lot to the table apart from his batting, whether he is in form or not. Obviously we have seen that he is not hitting the ball as well as we have seen.”

“But he has been captain and he understands the game and having him in the middle will help lot of youngsters and people out there who are not feeling great in particular moments. So he has that edge. But when it comes to me, I do feel that I am not given that sort of privilege.”

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This is what Harbhajan Singh had said after the selectors snubbed him for the Champions trophy. And now Bhajji has lashed out at the media, as he blames them for twisting and manipulating his words. Harbhajan makes a U-turn and calls MS Dhoni his dear friend.

His strong words against Dhoni had caused quite a stir among the fans, as people started wondering if the iconic spinner was in fact resentful against his former captain. But Harbhajan took to Twitter, and said that he and Dhoni were dear friends.

This is what the turbantor had to say,

Clearly upset with the media, Harbhajan vented it out on Twitter, as he tried to clarify the entire issue.

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This is not the first time that Dhoni has been blamed for blocking someone else’s entry into the team. Prior to the 2015 World Cup, Yograj Singh went on a sensational rant, in which he claimed that his son, Yuvraj Singh had unfairly missed out on a spot in the world cup squad. He blamed Dhoni, as he felt that the then Indian captain would have felt under threat by Yuvraj’s presence.

There is no smoke without fire, so clearly Bhajji must have felt slighted after his latest snub. But as Yuvraj showed, you are never too old to make a comeback into the national team.

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