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“He Is More Like Dwyane Wade”: Anthony Edwards Constantly Being Compared to Michael Jordan Doesn’t Sit Well with Reggie Miller

Jay Mahesh Lokegaonkar

"He Is More Like Dwyane Wade": Anthony Edwards Constantly Being Compared to Michael Jordan Doesn't Sit Well with Reggie Miller

Anthony Edwards‘ masterful display this playoffs has further reinforced his comparisons with Michael Jordan, something that first gained traction last year during the FIBA World Cup. The media is fixated on the comparison, especially after the Timberwolves guard’s dominant showing against the reigning Champions, the Denver Nuggets. But Reggie Miller disagrees.

The Hall of Famer compared Edwards to another shooting guard instead. During his appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Miller said, “Michael Jordan is one of one…Having said that, I do see some similarities between Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards. The movement, some of the shots, the fadeaways, how he approaches the defensive side of things, but they’re two different players.”

“I’m not gonna jump on the bandwagon and say he’s the next Jordan… I would say, he’s more like Dwyane Wade but with a jump shot… He’s more in that Flash category but with a better jump shot,” he added.

The TNT analyst admitted that Ant is slowly taking his game more and more closer to that of MJ’s. But these comparisons are mostly a broader scheme of the media to find the next Jordan. And Edwards is not in that category, especially because of his size, which is a couple of inches shorter than the Bulls legend.

The comparison with Wade, however, is pretty apt. Like Edwards, Dwyane Wade was blessed with unmatched athleticism and game-changing explosiveness, which made him difficult to contain. The Miami Heat icon could leave defenders in the rearview mirror with his lightning-quick first step, prompting Shaquille O’Neal to anoint him with the nickname ‘The Flash.’

There are parallels between Wade’s and Edwards’ physical gifts in that aspect. However, perhaps the most critical similarity between the two is their leadership. At 23, Wade put the Heat on his back, carried them to an NBA title, and won the Finals MVP over Shaq. Similarly, a 22-year-old Edwards is leading his team, which has quite a few experienced vets, to a deep playoff campaign.

Anthony Edwards embraced the MJ comparisons before distancing himself from them

Anthony Edwards has yet to make up his mind on how he feels about the Michael Jordan comparisons. In an interview with Complex Magazine in December 2023, he distanced himself from them and claimed that the Chicago Bulls icon is the greatest basketball player ever and he’s far from it.

However, he embraced the comparison when Kevin Garnett attached a technicality. On an episode of the KG Certified podcast, the Hall of Famer claimed that Edwards was like a rookie Michael Jordan. The Timberwolves star agreed with that assessment, saying,

“”I think he’s right, for sure. ’84 Jordan. He didn’t say ’96, ’97. He said ’84. He’s finding himself. I agree with that.”

After welcoming the Jordan comparison two months ago, Edwards is back to shooing them away. In an interview with Fox Sports recently, he said,

“I want it to stop. He’s the greatest of all time. I can’t be compared to him.”

Edwards isn’t too keen on the pressure and scrutiny that comes with being the ‘next Michael Jordan.’ He’s content with building his unique legacy based on who he is, rather than who he reminds people of.

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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