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Dr. Andrew Huberman Teams Up With Dr. Peter Attia to Share the Tools Required for Avoiding Heart Problems

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Dr. Andrew Huberman Teams Up With Dr. Peter Attia to Share the Tools Required for Avoiding Heart Problems

Joining forces, Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Andrew Huberman are like a ray of sunshine for the health and fitness community. In conversation, they discuss one of the most prevalent symptoms of a heart attack, which is death, which they addressed on the YouTube channel Huberman Lab Clips. This may sound cryptic, but Attia and Huberman stress plenty of factors surrounding cardiac diseases and also offer remedies to those problems.

A memorable incident from Dr. Peter Attia’s time in medical school comes to his mind. In his pathology class, he remembered his lecturer once posed an important question to the class, as he states:

“What is the most common presentation of a heart attack?”

Being first-year medical students, everyone was eager to answer the question, according to Attia. The medical symptoms reported by the students were chest discomfort, left arm radiating pain from the shoulder, nausea, and many more. But his lecturer flat-out rejected every possible response, saying, “Death.” It was a silent atmosphere in the podcast, and Dr. Peter Attia further explained his professor’s words:

“The single most common presentation for a myocardial infraction is death.”

A myocardial infarction, or heart attack, occurs when the blood supply to a section of the myocardium is reduced or blocked. Studies have shown that this may either go unnoticed or result in sudden death. Attia elaborates on how, with the help of modern medical technology, the full scope of issues related to heart health is now much more apparent.

However, Attia and Andrew Huberman agreed that the problem persists even now. Huberman goes on to stress the need to check one’s ApoB levels. But losing weight is the most natural way to improve cardiovascular health, which is something they both agree on. Maintaining a healthy weight requires eating well, exercising often, and getting enough sleep.

Dr. Attia considers normal blood pressure to be the most important indicator of heart health. However, the factors he mentions above, combined, can bring one’s blood pressure to normal levels. The health and fitness expert also highlights a certain exercise that can boost one’s cardiovascular health in a positive direction.

Dr. Peter Attia suggests Zone 2 cardio for maximum benefits

Zone 2 cardio consists of slow, steady-state exercise, according to many research studies. Dr. Peter Attia lists several advantages and recommends focusing on zone 2 for 180 to 240 minutes per day in the same podcast. As it enhances cardiovascular health, Attia likes three or four hours of zone 2 per week.

Along with a regular sleep routine, he says, combining zone 2 cardio will provide maximum benefits to one’s heart. Even if one is trying to eat healthily, he says they shouldn’t overeat or overconsume nutrition. He further advises not seeking medical assistance until all of these natural remedies have been exhausted.

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