Highest Earning Esports Player : Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen tops the highest earning Esports player of 2020 list

Gautham Balaji
|Published 15/01/2021

Highest Earning Esports Player : According to a report by Forbes, Magnus Carlsen is the highest earning esports player of 2020. Check out the article, and find out exactly how much he took home in 2020.

2020 has been a mixed year for esports athletes. While the number of tournaments dropped due to advent of the Coronvirus pandemic, certain streamers & players have capitalized on the situation through streaming & online tournaments. Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, the 30-year old Norwegian Chess player, is at the top of the earning charts.

According to a report by Forbes, the chess genius took home $511,000 in prize money winnings throughout the year.  This is the highest amount, more than any other esports athlete across all other professional games.

This information comes to us through Wicked Good Gaming’s tweet, which primarily focuses on Gaming & esports news. Apart from Magnus Carlsen, 4 other chess players are in the top 50 highest earners through esports.

All of Magnus Carlsen’s earnings during the pandemic have been through Chess24. Another famous chess grandmaster who is in the list in 33-year-old Hikaru Nakamura, who took home a little under $325,000. A Unikirn spokesperson said through a press release that, “Magnus Carlsen is a fantastic champion and has dominated the circuit for a number of years, helping raise the profile of the sport.”

Top 10 Esports Earners of 2020

Hikaru Nakamura, another grandmaster has cracked the top 10 in the list of highest earning esports players of 2020. Check out the list of the top 10 highest payouts for esports players in 2020:

1) DrNykterstein, 30, Norway (Chess24): $510,587

2) Clayster, 28, U.S. (Call of Duty): $383,325

3) Crimsix, 27, U.S. (Call of Duty): $368,200

4) iLLeY, 19, Canada (Call of Duty): $358,625

5) Shotzzy, 19, U.S. (Call of Duty): $351,625

6) Huke, 21, Saudi Arabia (Call of Duty): $347,375

7) Hikaru, 33, U.S. (Chess24): $324,645

8) PVDDR, 33, Brazil (Magic: The Gathering Arena): $300,000

9) Cellium, 20, U.S. (Call of Duty): $256,550

10) Simp, 19, U.S. (Call of Duty): $250,708

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