Indian sportspersons express grief over Bengaluru mass molestation incident

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 08/01/2017

The Bengaluru mass molestation case has left the nation feeling disgusted about the way women are being treated in the country. When a bunch of men can have the audacity to molest women in a public gathering, you know there is something very wrong with the way they have been brought up.

A lot of Indian sportspersons took to twitter to express how deeply disgusted they felt with the entire nation, and how the defaulters must be seriously prosecuted.

Jwala Gutta retweeted Farhan Akhtar’s tweet

It is heartening to see these real life heroes take to social media and express grave concerns about something that affects every one of us. In a country where sporting heroes are worshipped, we are sure that the message that they put across will have some bearing on the people who indulge in such filthy practices.


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