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Jason Kelce Shows Travis He’s Not The Only Friendship Bracelet Expert In The Kelce Family

Oindrila Chowdhury

Jason Kelce Shows Travis He's Not The Only Friendship Bracelet Expert In The Kelce Family

Do you remember when Travis Kelce tried to impress Taylor Swift with a bracelet? Well, now it’s Jason Kelce’s turn to show his love for the pop star. The retired Eagles legend and future HOFer recently attended the Eras Tour concert in London with his wife Kylie where they fully embraced the Swiftie tradition of exchanging friendship bracelets at concerts.

Jason was especially enthusiastic about it, collecting bracelets from fans and proudly showing off his collection to Kylie with a big smile. Even Kylie had her set of bracelets in both hands, and a clip of the couple at the concert was shared by a fan on X.

This whole bracelet trend stemmed from a lyric in Taylor’s song, “You’re On Your Own, Kid ” inspiring fans to create friendship bracelets for the Eras Tour. Exchanging these bracelets has become a tradition among Swifties, at her concerts.

Speaking of bracelets and Taylor Swift, we can recall the Travis Kelce incident. These custom-made bracelets played a memorable role in the 2024 Super Bowl champion’s life. Last year, the Chiefs tight end attended the Eras Tour stop in his hometown, where he sported bracelets with fans and even crafted one for Taylor complete with his phone number (smooth move, Travis!).

However, due to Taylor’s schedule and the need to preserve her voice, Travis couldn’t hand her the bracelet directly. He later talked about the incident on their podcast “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce,” and it was incredible how that bracelet sparked a connection between them.

Well, coming back to Jason, the way in which he collected the bracelets was nothing less than adorable and Swifties have since gone crazy over how sweet the gesture was.

Fans Are Going Gaga Over Jason Kelce Showing Off His Friendship Bracelets to Kylie at Taylor Swift’s London Eras Tour

It seems like Jason Kelce’s fondness for the bracelet tradition has captured the hearts of Taylor Swift fans–those who may not have recognized him as the Eagles center before.

“I guess one can never get enough friendship bracelets at a Taylor Swift concert,” wrote one fan.

“‘New Heights’ going from Travis Kelce explaining friendship bracelets at Taylor’s concerts to Jason Kelce with a sleeve of them,” pointed out another fan.

“There’s a video of him showing Kylie them. She smiled,” wrote a third fan.

One fan reposted a video of Jason from the London Eras Tour and wrote, “Jason Kelce getting a beer and putting on a Swiftie friendship bracelet like an absolute boss at the Taylor Swift concert last night in London.”

“The literal biggest swiftie,” wrote a fifth NFL fan.

Well, the London tour stop was a special outing for the Kelces. Travis Kelce along with their father, Ed Kelce joined in on the family fun! Notably, it was also Jason and Kylie’s first time attending the Eras tour.

We NFL fans hope to see more of the Philadelphia Eagles veteran and his family’s presence in the subsequent Eras Tours. Perhaps next time with their three daughters, one of whom is already reported to be a Swiftie.

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