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“Last active player to have shared a court with Michael Jordan”: Joe Johnson on the brink of closing a chapter

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Thu Mar 24 2022

Michael Jordan and his on-court presence are set to vanish as Joe Johnson winds up his career. long live his Airness. 

If history tells us anything it is that as time passes, so will the remnants of an older generation. This NBA season might just be the last season where a player will have played with MJ.

His Airness career spanned over two decades and in that time the league has changed forever. On the court, nearly a decade after his retirement, the league stands at the cusp of something unique.

Joe Johnson is perhaps the last player to have shared a court with the Chicago Bulls legend. The 2021-22 season started without him and thus became the first season to start without an active player who shared the court with Jordan.

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Michael Jordan is revered across the league


If you ask players who they look up to, the answer will likely be Jordan. The Bulls legend carries a persona that is hard to tangle with.

His on-court stories are something of a legend. Players who have shared the court with him, have very diametric views.

They either love him or hate him, there is no in-between. As the 2021-22 season wraps up, it may just be the last where a player has shared the court with Jordan.

Joe ‘Iso’ Johnson has played one game for the Boston Celtics. Incidentally, Johnson was also part of the team that beat Jordan’s Wizards, where Iso Joe himself scored the buzzer-beater.

It is highly unlikely that we will see another vet on the court and Jordan’s stories will forever become part of the mythos.

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