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Lewis Hamilton questions NASA’s moon landing

Utkarsh Bhatla

Lewis Hamilton questions NASA's moon landing

Lewis Hamilton visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center ahead of the United States Grand Prix in 2018, fulfilling a life-long dream of getting the ‘NASA experience’.

The Brit took an entire tour of the Space Center before sitting down with astronaut Doug Hurley. Lewis’ striking question to him was about the moon landing hoax, and if there was any truth to the rumors.

NASA’s 1969 moon mission has come under massive scrutiny from the world audience, with multiple people believing that it was all just a staged drama.

Even if one doesn’t doubt the moon landing, one would want to clear things on their visit to the Johnson Space Center, and that is exactly what Lewis Hamilton did.

“I guess it’s a touchy point, but the big question is … there’s the theories that you didn’t land on the moon. So… why would people have that theory?” Hamilton questioned.

Hurley immediately replied with a logic-ridden statement, something that people all around the world know, but still refuse to believe.

“I’ve always maintained that it would’ve been harder to fake it and hide it,” Hurley replied.

“It just takes one person to go spill. … I had people in my own family that thought we faked it and then they came and watch me go fly in space.” he added.

Lewis Hamilton is currently preparing for the Bahrain Grand Prix, after securing P2 in Australia during the 1st grand prix of the season.

Mercedes seem to be fastest on track yet again, with Ferrari seriously struggling for pace in Melbourne after setting the stage on fire during testing in Barcelona.

With Red Bull securing a strong result in Melbourne, this season does give some hope with respect to a three way race for the title. Things should clear up in the days to come as and when these cars and drivers have more races under their belt.

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