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Liverpool Miffed By Racial Abuse Towards Naby Keita, Sadio Mane And Trent Alexander-Arnold

Gautam Kapoor

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The club issued a stern and strongly worded statement regarding the incident

Racism is a problem which is refusing to leave the side of the footballing arena. A couple of abject performances are all it takes for viewers of the game to lash out at players and direct deranged and distasteful comments at them.

The same was on show ensuing Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid on Tuesday. Scores of Liverpool supporters decided to racially abuse their own players with Trent Alexander-Arnold, Naby Keita and Sadio Mane being subjected to the vitriol.

The triad which was horrid on the pitch against Real Madrid faced abhorrent racial abuse on social media platforms. Liverpool were quick to take notice of the diatribe with the club issuing a stern statement on its site regarding the incident.

Liverpool Address Racial Abuse

Liverpool said in a statement on Wednesday: “Once again we are sadly discussing abhorrent racial abuse the morning after a football game. It is utterly unacceptable and it has to stop.

“LFC condemns all forms of discrimination and we continue to work with our inclusion partners through our Red Together initiative to campaign against it.

“As a club, we will offer our players any and all support that they may require. We will also work with the relevant authorities to identify and, if possible, prosecute those responsible.

“We know that this will not be enough until the strongest possible preventative measures are taken by social media platforms and the regulatory bodies which govern them.

“The current situation cannot be allowed to continue and it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that it does not.”

Football’s governing bodies and social media outlets have all come under severe fire for their reluctance and complete failure to tackle racial abuse. Platforms of the like of Twitter and Instagram have in particular have refused to curb down on users indulging in such shenanigans with their being a complete and shocking lack of assistance from them to clubs.

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