Mick Schumacher Unravels an Undiscovered Side of Him After Tough Haas Phase and Mercedes Inclusion

Sabyasachi Biswas
|Published 18/03/2023

Mick Schumacher has recently revealed a different side of himself to the world. The German said that he turned himself into an introvert from an extrovert in an interview with DVAG in Frankfurt.

In the interview, the son of Michael Schumacher shared that he is an introvert now. But ironically, the German also shared that he was a massively extrovert person when he was young. He was happy, he could go anywhere and talk to people.

But it changed all of a sudden for Schumacher Jr. as he stopped being an extrovert. He explained that climbing the ladder to F1 through F3 and F2, things have changed gradually for the new Mercedes test driver.

Furthermore, when asked about how he deals with fans as his life has become quite public now. Schumacher said that he manages a dual personality to tackle a situation like this. One as a racing driver, and another when he’s in his private space.

Schumacher says he is not arrogant

It’s typically surprising for someone to call the former American F1 team driver arrogant. The driver himself will not agree to that as he thinks he is not someone of that nature.

During the interview, the Mercedes star mentioned a fine line between having a cool head and coming across as arrogant to people. Schumacher, snubbing any further dilemma on it said that he is not at all an arrogant person.

The German believes he is in the right direction with Mercedes

Mick Schumacher lost his seat Haas seat at the end of the year. After two tough years at the Kannapolis-based team, Guenther Steiner and co. bid goodbye to the young German.

As Nico Hulkenberg replaced the 23-year-old driver, the former Ferrari graduate found his way to Mercedes. As he joined the Silver Arrows as their reserve driver, he believes he can learn and gather enough experience to grow as a driver further.

He also mentioned that he is in the right direction under the company of Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell in the team.

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