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MS Dhoni all set to link up with sporting application Run Adam

Chaithanya Sagar

Cricket has seen a lot of changes over the last few years, as the we have seen technology make it’s way and improve several aspects of our beloved game.

MS Dhoni is all set to link up with Run Adam, a sporting application that will use your navigation map to locate the nearest available sporting amenities.

Run Adam sporting application’s vision is to make things better for sporting talents. It aims to connect all sports amenities on a single platform, which would in turn make it easier for aspiring athletes.

“To connect aspiring athletes to their stakeholders, that includes schools, academies, coaches, associations, venue providers, the fitness industry, specialists, sponsors and certifying institutes on a single platform thereby creating a complete 360-degree marketplace for sporting talent.”

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Earlier, Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was keen to formulate the idea of creating an application. Rathore, who is now appointed as Sports Minister, gave his word that sporting facilities can be easily accessible by everyone.

“At some point very soon, wherever you are in the country, you can check how far are you from the nearest tennis court or basketball court, who does the court belong to and how you can access it. The idea is to utilise to the optimum the sports facilities available,” the Sports Minister Rathore had earlier said.

MS Dhoni who is to be associated with the Run Adam has hailed the virtual importance of the sporting platform. The wicket keeper-batsman feels that it is unique, which is why it would help the aspiring athletes to achieve their goals.

“Run Adam is a unique platform that has the vision to help sportspersons, amateur to pro, to achieve their dreams.

I relate intimately to sportspersons’ challenges as I myself have faced it in my early career.

Run Adam through its technology platform will help secure the most important resources for sportspersons, providing easy access to high-quality coaches, venues and sponsors – all of which are imperative for honing skills and improving performance.

India has extraordinary talent and such a platform can help change destinies of sportspersons and the future of sports,” MS Dhoni quoted.

MS Dhoni’s managing director Arun Pandey has said that the association with MS Dhoni and Run Adam is great

Arun Pandey stressed the fact Run Adam application can help the athletes acquire the required needs will help them achieve success.

“India’s large size and population intensify the problem of access to those who need it most. In sports, lack of access to even the most basic needs can make the difference between success and failure.

If an athlete does not have shoes or gear or training, the ability to even perform, let alone excel, becomes impossible. The partnership of M.S. Dhoni and Run Adam is perfect because they have a seamlessly aligned Vision,” Pandey said.

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