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“Disaster After Disaster”: Fan Favorite NASCAR Hopeful Rues His “Non-Existent” Luck at Kansas


“Disaster After Disaster”: Fan Favorite NASCAR Hopeful Rues His “Non-Existent” Luck at Kansas

The story of Frankie Muniz is nothing short of extraordinary. He was a child star in Hollywood films with a love for racing, which he pursued with passion and dedication. And now, he is racing in the ARCA Series, dreaming of getting to NASCAR.

So far this year, Muniz has impressed everyone with his results and his craft. However, in the last few races, the luck hasn’t been on his side. This was also the case in Kansas.

And Muniz was left ruing his luck after his race ended prematurely.

Frankie Muniz reflects on his poor run of luck in the last few weeks

In an interview after the end of his race at Kansas, Muniz opened up on the luck he’s had in the racecar in the last few weeks. He described, “It’s been really tough, The last seven or so races we’ve had, we’ve had just really, really bad luck. I used to come to the races and we were exceeding expectations.”

“It was really positive at the beginning of the season, I feel like I was learning a lot, and really, minus Michigan and Pocono, we’ve had disaster after disaster. A lot of it has been out of my hands, unfortunately. Popping a tire at 200mph, nothing I can do about it.”

Muniz added that the last few weeks have caused him a lot of problems with his mental health, and that it’s impacting him because he wants to be out there and perform, something he is unable to. What makes it worse for him is the fact that the problem isn’t his performance. “This is supposed to be a learning year for me when I don’t get to run the race races we can’t finish because of a mechanical issue or something, it hurts even more,” he claimed.

Muniz also posted his thoughts on his X profile as he wrote, “I don’t really know what to say anymore. Our luck is non-existent these past couple weeks. Some debris must have cut down the tire. PS.. Hitting the wall at 180 mph hurts in case you were wondering.”

Muniz is living his NASCAR dream

Earlier this year, Muniz revealed how he is now finally living the dream he’s had since his childhood. “Ever since childhood, it’s been my dream to pursue racing in NASCAR, and it was important for me to partner with a team that aligned with my long-term objectives and vision, while providing every opportunity imaginable to grow mentally and physically as a full-time race car driver,” he said.

Although he hasn’t won a race yet, he has one finish inside the top 5, nine inside the top 10, and he is currently ranked third in the ARCA Standings, all of which is pretty impressive for someone in their first full-time season. Having said that, Muniz would know that in order to go and grow further, he would need better results and along with that, for things to go his way as well. But there’s only so much he can control, as he said after Kansas.

A big part of racecar driving is luck and that’s something that no one controls.

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