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“The Eggs Are Flowing”: Joey Logano Enjoying Successful Career in Farming Amid Woeful NASCAR Season

Soumyadeep Saha

“The Eggs Are Flowing”: Joey Logano Enjoying Successful Career in Farming Amid Woeful NASCAR Season

There’s indeed more to Joey Logano’s career than just being a two-time Cup Series champion and one of the most well-known athletes in the sport out there. It would shock many if they came to know that the Team Penske driver is a passionate farmer. He farms chickens in his backyard and is extremely proud of himself for that reason.

Needless to say, there’s no shortage of eggs in the Logano household. While talking to SiriusXM NASCAR radio, the Ford driver exclaimed, “The eggs are flowing. We can’t keep up with the amount of eggs. And I’ll tell you one thing. We did the Easter dyeing-the-egg thing and when you dye your own eggs that were laid at your farm which is also our backyard, that’s like a whole different level of …just…I’m proud of myself there.”

One would wonder who gets all those eggs. “It’s random,” said Logano. “Sometimes Hudson (Logano’s son) goes out there, sometimes I get them, Britney (Logano) gets them. The chickens are more Britney’s thing than mine, for sure.”

So why only chickens? Surely there are other livestock like goats, turkeys, pigs, or maybe even cows. The interviewers burst into laughter when Joey Logano revealed that they had considered raising all four. However, the problem with cows is that they need to be milked every day, which isn’t possible for someone as busy as Logano. Goats are not an option due to the frequent visits made by predators like foxes.

A momentum builder to Logano’s sorry season

Logano’s start to the season wasn’t exactly what he had expected. The first six races that he ran translated into just one top-10 finish, four finishes of 22nd or worse, and a pair of DNFs. For a two-time Cup Series champion, that sounds abysmal.

Last week, Logano wasn’t sure how well he would run at Richmond. But one thing was for sure – he badly needed a breakthrough. Luckily, his runner-up position in the Toyota Owners 400 on Sunday served exactly that purpose.

“It feels good to be towards the front again,” he admitted. “We haven’t had a run like that in a while, but it also stings to be that close and not capitalize on the win. I guess I have mixed emotions.”

As of now, Logano sits 19th on points and hence, below the playoff cutline. A win could give him the lift that he needs badly. Come Martinsville, Logano has a win there back in 2018 and in his last five starts, he has three top-fives, two of which are runner-up finishes, and two top-10s.

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